Beige Banquet + Support

Beige Banquet + Support

By The Hope & Ruin Pub

Event Time Mon 8th Nov at 8:00pm-Mon 8th Nov at 10:00pm
Event Location The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
Age Restrictions Age restrictions: 18+


Love Thy Neighbour Free Book

Beige Banquet + Support

Love Thy Neighbour Presents;


At times evocative of the immersive and repetitive style associated with acts like The Fall, early
PiL, and other post-punk contemporaries, Beige Banquet also summon the jerky, fast-paced
sound of acts like Devo and Gang of Four. The unmistakable influence of motorik drums,
synonymous with Krautrock pioneers Can, Neu! And Kraftwerk, and early drum machines of
the 1980s, are also a prominent feature and big influence.


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