Nebula + Hippie Death Cult

Nebula + Hippie Death Cult

Event Time Thu 4th Jul at 7:30pm-Thu 4th Jul at 11:30pm
Event Location Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield
Event Price £16 + Booking fee (see below)
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 16+, under 18s with an adult
Yellow Arch Studios


General Admission £16.00 +
£1.60 fee
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Nebula + Hippie Death Cult


Guitarist Eddie Glass and drummer Ruben Romano formed NEBULA in 1997 after breaking away from desert rock pioneers Fu Manchu, eventually recruiting bassist Mark Abshire. The power trio specializes in feedback-drenched heavy rock, incorporating liberal doses of Black Sabbath riffery, psychedelia, and space rock. The band released a number of EPs before moving onto full-length albums like 1999's To the Center and 2001's Charged. They've mainly distinguished themselves as a very hard-working live unit

NEBULA creates pure guitar-driven, conscious expanding rock for the 21st century. They are a culmination of their rock forbearers such as Jimi Hendrix, MC5, The Stooges and Mudhoney turned up a notch, taken to the next level and blasting through space. NEBULA spread their gospel through their music and what they are preaching will leave the congregation on the floor.

In 2017 the band decided to reissue three of their crucial early works via Heavy Psych Sounds Records: 1998’s Let it Burn, 1999’s To the Center and 2002’s Dos EPs, which includes the material originally released on 1999’s Sun Creature and a Nebula/Lowrider split.

Followed by the re-release of NEBULA's Charged and the special release of Demos & Outtakes '98-02 in early 2019, in the summer of 2020, after 13 years the band returned with not only a new line-up but also with a brand new full-length called Holy Shit - 9 tracks of pure HEAVY PSYCH explosion !!!

Hippie Death Cult

Hippie Death Cult's journey through shameless and triumphant artistic expression has led them to become a vibrant force in the realms of psychedelia and riff-heavy rock n' roll. This journey has not been without its challenges, but the band has always managed to emerge stronger and more determined than ever. Throughout their formative years, the band underwent what proved to be a very significant evolution, transitioning from a 4-piece to a more cohesive and harmonious power trio. This lineup currently consists of guitarist and founder Eddie Brnabic, vocalist and bassist Laura Phillips, and drummer Harry Silvers.

Beyond their studio work, Hippie Death Cult is renowned for their electrifying and passionate stage performances. Their captivating stage presence have taken them on tours across the United States, Canada, and Europe, where they have garnered a dedicated and growing fanbase.

Now, as they prepare to unleash their new album "Helichrysum" on October 20th, Hippie Death Cult is ready to take their music to even greater heights. This album marks a significant milestone as it features Laura Phillips on vocals for the first time, adding a new dimension and sense of originality to their sound. "Helichrysum" promises to be an unapologetically deep, heavy and groovy album that showcases the band's artistic growth and musical prowess.

To support the release of "Helichrysum," Hippie Death Cult has planned full-blown North American and European tours. Fans can expect an immersive and powerful live experience as the band brings their high-energy performances to stages across the globe. With their unwavering dedication to their craft and their ability to push boundaries, Hippie Death Cult is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene for years to come.

Loyds Trip

"After Getting back in the studio last year Loyds Trip have recorded a full-length album, and established a new era for the band, a band who played 20 shows one year, on one practice and 3 tracks to their name (and about 4 hours sleep).

They’ve sat on the album until the moment was right, and the time, has never felt better. The stars have aligned.
Loyds Trip are back, driven, more ambitious and tighter than you could ever dream a band could be. Equipped with an arsenal of brand-new tracks, plans to rerelease (May) re-mastered versions of their original material, on 7” with unheard bonus cover tracks, exclusive live sessions, impromptu live sessions, and full length 12” of pure heavy hard Acid-Rock n Roll originals, July 2024. 

If the MC5, Jim Morrison & ZZ Top made sweet, sweet love on a pentagram of salt, next to two stubbed ciggy butts, a pigeon with one foot strolled past, and the seminal self-titled Black Sabbath album played in the background, candles lit, on a old, damp wooden floor in an abandoned brewery in Yorkshire… these young men would be the love children of said orgy. 

All Hail The Trip! Long Live The Trip!"

Pink Cigs

Up the Cigs! Pink Cigs are back baby! after a serious hiatus and line up change the sexiest band in Sheffield are back, making a world-shattering, ball-busting debut at Yellow Arch Studios, sharing the stage with the godfathers of acid-rock Nebula.This long-awaited reunion is overdue, and overdue again, with pressure from the local scene they have decided that the only way to save Sheffield now is to kick out some super solid riffin Pink Cig style, if you missed them the first time around, don't worry, they're back and its all-out assault of hard rockin cider drinking booty shakin rock n roll! I for one have never been more excited about the return of a band, and with such an amazing line up, this show is not to be missed!


Yellow Arch Studios
30-36 Burton Rd, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8BX, UK