Redd Kross

Redd Kross

Event Time Fri 11th Oct at 7:00pm-Fri 11th Oct at 11:00pm
Event Location Gorilla, Manchester


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Redd Kross

Redd Kross are gearing up with their first TOUR DATES since before the pandemic, starting with a recent appearance at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas, followed by a set at Azkena Rock Festival in Spain later this week, before kicking-off a full-on SUMMER TOUR that starts in early July just after the album’s release, with support from Dale Crover who is wearing many hats, playing drums with Redd Kross for these dates, and opening with solo acoustic + DJ set

“Hailing from the same LA County city as Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson, Jeff and Steven McDonald released their debut EP — which included soon-to-be members of Black Flag and Circle Jerks — while the elder one was still in high school. Like Australia’s Hoodoo Gurus, Redd Kross initially drew unapologetically from lowbrow pop culture, but in even more kitschy, campy, and trashy fashions. Fecundity has never been Redd Kross’s calling card, and the forthcoming eponymous double album is only their third since 2012. The relative infrequency with which they tour is all the more reason to be at their upcoming Brighton Music Hall show.”

- The Boston Globe (15 must-see concerts)

“Speaking of eternal youth, has another band personified the teenage dream of rock n’ roll as well and for as long as Redd Kross? Jeff and Steven McDonald were actual teenagers when they started the band in the late ’70s, and they have outlasted most of their peers while still sounding and, for the most part, looking the same. ‘Candy Coloured Catastrophe’ is a joyous, kaleidoscopic blast of big riff power pop that Redd Kross do better than almost anyone else today. ‘I’m ready to start our third act, and for it to be magnificent,’ says Steven McDonald, so make way.”

- Brooklyn Vegan (Indie Basement: Best Songs & Albums of April 2024)

“Raise your hand if you started a band in junior high or high school — or knew someone who did. You’re in good company. Now, leave your hand up if your former peer(s) kept their garage dream alive for 45 years. That distinction alone makes Redd Kross a unique success, and one that later this year will be relayed through a documentary film (“Born Innocent”) and memoir (“Now You’re One of Us”). Family squabbles and contrarian opinions aside, brothers Jeff and Steven McDonald fan the punk-rock-meets-power-pop flame and even get assistance from Pearl Jam/Red Hot Chili Peppers alum Josh Klinghoffer on Redd Kross’ forthcoming self-titled double album. Joyful, catchy, triumphant, silly: Everything the band you imagined beginning as a teenager would be, and then some.”

- Chicago Tribune

“Of all the power-pop bands that rose to prominence in the ’90s, Redd Kross were among the heaviest, perhaps a result of their punk roots. ‘Candy Coloured Catastrophe’ is a prime example of their ability to marry grunged and garaged-out chords with Lennon-esque melodies, an utterly delectable combo… Not to be confused with the debut release of the same name by Redd Kross, ‘Born Innocent’ is the second single from the band’s upcoming double album and is a nostalgic homage to the McDonald brothers’ punk-rock origins and 40-plus-year career as the creative force behind Redd Kross. The autobiographical lyrics are reflective and sincere, slotted seamlessly into a power-pop jammer with huge Cheap Trick melodies and layers of vocal harmonies.”

- Consequence

“{“Born Innocent”} is a ramshackle and scratchy uptempo number which outlines their origin story.”


“Sometimes all you have to know is that this new record is by a band you’ve loved off-and-on (of course it’s mostly on with Redd Kross — it’s just you know, life gets in the way) and that it’s on an impeccable label (In the Red). And then you see that it’s a double album, which means either this is some kind of goof, or that they’re back so strong this time it seems their sole goal is to mop the floor with your head. Well, expect your head to get fucked up! The timing couldn’t be better, as this record’s been released to coincide with a long-in-the-works documentary, Born Innocent: the Redd Kross Story.”

- Maggot Brain

“Redd Kross have put out some great records and perfected their own sound, a glammy, punk-infused, pop-culture-obsessed form of power pop. This year, for the band’s 45th anniversary, they’re going big, with a memoir, a documentary, and a new self-titled double album…First single ‘Candy Coloured Catastrophe’ is a huge hip-shaker with rumbling riffs and sha-la-la harmonies.”

- Stereogum

“The most underrated band of their generation.”

- Variety


54-56 Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5WW, UK