Event Time Wed 24th Apr at 7:00pm-Wed 24th Apr at 11:00pm
Event Location QUARRY Venue, Liverpool
Event Price £15 + Booking fee (see below)


SUNROT // BISMUTH £15.00 +
£1.50 fee
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Hailing from the grittiest parts of NJ, Sunrot has been playing their blend of noisy, compulsive, sludge for about a decade. They combine emotionally charged, anxiety inducing soundscapes with heavy, disgusting riffs that will pummel your senses and set your nervous system on fire. Sunrot isn't afraid to share their political beliefs in hope to radicalize their listeners to see that a better world is out there. The way they go about it is comparable to the sonic power of a space station being blown open by an astroid. If you've ever wanted to scream into the abyss of suffering that accompanies the human experience, Sunrot is for you.


"“To call English drone/doom metal duo Bismuth “slow” would be an understatement (“loud” would fit in a similar criterion). With Sunn O)))’s new album Kannon looming in the distant future, people see the “drone/doom” tag and expect strict, conservative amplifier worship, and, though that element exists within Unavailing, Bismuth is so much more. Draping the listener in a thick, hazy muck of deep, heavily distorted bass drones, Unavailing takes on an unexpectedly dreamy character, with Tanya Byrne’s quietly murmured melodies floating just above the droning miasma. It’s not often a drone/doom metal album quite as heavy as Bismuth’s full-length debut would be described as “pretty,” and yet… " ” - Invisible Oranges


17 Love Ln, Liverpool L3 7DD, UK