High Fade + Support

High Fade + Support

Event Time Sun 7th Jul at 7:00pm-Sun 7th Jul at 11:00pm
Event Location Kazimier Stockroom, Liverpool
Kaz Stockroom


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High Fade + Support

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On a three-man crusade to set dance floors alight with their inimitable brand of razor-sharp funkand disco, Edinburgh’s High Fade captured the attention of a global audience with their musicamassing over 30 million views and streams within six months oftheir first release and, in the process, gaining recognition from music heavyweights including Jack Black, Cypress Hill, Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes, and Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine.

For a band that only started mid-2018, to already have the support of artists including EmeliSandé, David Paitch and even Peter Andre is a testament to not only their raw musical talentbut also the relentless drive and ambition that has seen the band play over 1000 gigs in the lastfour years. With a forward-thinking approach to grassroots promotion, High Fade have beenable to capture the magic of their live performances with a proactive presence on social mediaand create multiple viral moments for their tracks “Sharpen Up”, “Burnin”, and “Burnt Toast and Coffee”that feed the appetite of new fans across the world.With a more traditional offline approach towards learning their craft and perfecting the HighFade sound, Harry Valentino (guitar/vocals), Oliver Sentance (bass) and Calvin Davidson(drums/vocals) developed their infectious style whilst feeding off the unpredictable crowd interactions that come with street shows and busking. It’s this unmatched live energy that setstheir performances apart and results in the impressive musical display that comes from justthree musicians working together. Indeed, with other acts in the same genre often havingupwards of six members, being a three-piece could be a limiting factor for many, but for HighFade it has become an integral part of the band’s DNA, allowing themto put on a show that supersedes anything their fans have experienced before.From the old-school soul and Motown of John Legend and Barry White to the classic rock of bands like Kiss and Motley Crue, High Fade’s sound draws on the musical tastes andexperiences of all three members, extracting the best bits of each and serving the funky, disco-inspired results up live on stage. Launching their own label, RPN Records, has allowed theband to take control of their output with monthly singles planned for theforeseeable and a forthcoming official remix package for “Sharpen Up”. Featuring club-ready interpretations from Opolopo and Oden & Fatzo that highlight the group’s passion for electronic music, this tangible connection to the dance music scene provides the perfect opportunity for the High Fade soundto make the transition into the setlists of house and disco DJs.By their own admission, “High Fade doesn’t work unless there’s a crowd, a dance floor and people that want to get down”-it’s reassuring thenthat their gig diary is stacked, with dates across the UK and Scotland confirmed throughout summer, and a big US tour in place for later this year following their signing with leading US booking agency, Wasserman. Throw inpartnerships with brands including Ernie Ball, Blackstar Amps and Suhr Guitars and it’s clear that the whole industry is backing the meteoric rise of High Fade, and so should you.


Kazimier Stockroom
32 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE, UK