The Crazy Quiz | Katie O'Brien's Irish Tavern

The Crazy Quiz | Katie O'Brien's Irish Tavern

Event Time Thu 7th Mar at 9:00pm-Fri 8th Mar at 12:00am
Event Location Katie O'Briens Irish Tavern, Sheffield
Event Price Free + Booking fee (see below)
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+


Free Entry Ticket - Launch Party Free
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The Crazy Quiz | Katie O'Brien's Irish Tavern

Every Thursday, brace yourself for Sheffield's most unpredictable night out - The Crazy Quiz, hosted at Katie O'Brien's by Organised Chaos. It's the pub quiz that will flip everything you know about pub quizzes on its head 🚀

The Crazy Quiz melds outrageous questions with music rounds, surprise challenges, and prizes that are anything but ordinary. Expect the unexpected, from the questions to the quizmasters, and everything in between.


That’s right, you pay zilch, nada, nothing to test your wits and party hard. Spots are limited though, so make sure you and your crew book ahead to secure your weekly dose of quizzy madness.


Secure your squad's spot for The Crazy Quiz by heading to


Get ready for rounds that will have you shouting answers and shazaming songs. Our playlists are as diverse as your knowledge needs to be, featuring everything from guilty pleasure sing-alongs to those bangers that have everyone hitting the dance floor.


Katie O'Briens Irish Tavern
1 Mappin St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4DT, UK