Illumin8te YAIMA Concert (Wednesday 18th September) @ The Lighthouse Hub 7PM

Illumin8te YAIMA Concert (Wednesday 18th September) @ The Lighthouse Hub 7PM

Event Time Wed 18th Sep at 7:00pm-Wed 18th Sep at 10:00pm
Event Location The Lighthouse Hub, Manchester
Event Price £4 - £34.50 + fees
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Illumin8te YAIMA Concert (Wednesday 18th September) @ The Lighthouse Hub 7PM





7PM Start 🌟

YANExperience an evening of transcendence at the Lighthouse Hub in Manchester, a venue renowned for its unique position atop powerful ley lines, as it hosts the world tour of the YAIMA Music Project. This extraordinary event features the talents of multi-instrumentalist and producer Masaru Higasa alongside the ethereal vocals of Pepper Proud. Together, they create a timeless and unmistakable synergy, blending the masculine and feminine through their evocative music.

The YAIMA Music Project is celebrated for its melodious soundscapes that transport listeners across a tapestry of global instruments. Masaru Higasa brings a rich array of sounds from diverse musical traditions, seamlessly integrating them with cutting-edge electronic production. Pepper Proud’s soothing and warm vocals, paired with her heartfelt lyricism, create a captivating and immersive auditory experience. This harmonious blend forms a balanced and soulful expression that resonates deeply with audiences.

Inspired by the majesty of nature, YAIMA's compositions are designed to encompass listeners with organic rhythms and revitalizing energies. Their music is a conduit for the natural world, capturing its beauty and power through driving beats, tranquil melodies, and transcendent electronic elements. Each performance is crafted to envelop the audience in a cocoon of sound, fostering reflection, connection, and spiritual growth. Whether through the rhythmic heartbeat of traditional drums, the gentle strumming of the harp, or the grounding hum of the didgeridoo, each sound invites the listener on a journey of discovery and connection.

The intention behind YAIMA's music is to build a bridge between nature and humankind. Their performances offer an expansive experience that encourages growth and graceful passage for the hearts and minds of their listeners. By intertwining natural soundscapes with modern production, they create a space where the audience can reconnect with the earth and each other, inspiring a sense of unity and purpose.

At this special event at the Lighthouse Hub, attendees will also be invited to partake in the sacred ritual of ceremonial-grade cacao. Known for its heart-opening properties, cacao enhances the sensory experience and deepens the connection to the music and fellow attendees. Additionally, a selection of delicious vegan meals will be available, providing nourishing, plant-based sustenance that complements the holistic theme of the evening.

The Lighthouse Hub itself is a distinctive venue, ideally suited for an event of this nature. Built on ley lines, which are believed to be channels of the earth's natural energy, it offers a unique setting that enhances the overall experience. The energies of the venue harmonize with YAIMA’s intention, creating a space that feels both grounded and elevated, perfect for a night of musical and spiritual exploration.

Don't miss the chance to witness the YAIMA Music Project in an environment that amplifies their artistry and intention. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to their music, this concert promises to be a transformative experience. Allow the melodies of Masaru Higasa and the voice of Pepper Proud to guide you on a journey of discovery, surrounded by the supportive and vibrant energy of the Lighthouse Hub.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of music, community, and soul nourishment. Embrace this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and immerse yourself in the captivating world of YAIMA.

Free parking on all roads out side the Lighthouse Hub.

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The Lighthouse Hub
St Vincent place, Greenside St, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2EX, UK