Illumin8te Presents Full Moon Ceremony / Sun Set Rave “Magic Over 2 Sacred Spaces (Saturday 25th May) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Illumin8te Presents Full Moon Ceremony / Sun Set Rave “Magic Over 2 Sacred Spaces (Saturday 25th May) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Event Time Sat 25th May at 1:00pm-Sat 25th May at 10:00pm
Event Location The Lighthouse Hub, Manchester
Event Price £16 - £33 + fees
Illumin8te UK


1pm Cacao Ceremony & 8pm - 10pm Event After Party! Early Bird £24.00 +
£2.40 booking fee
1pm Cacao Ceremony & 8pm - 10pm Event After Party! General £33.00 +
£3.30 booking fee
1pm Cacao Ceremony 8pm £22.00 +
£2.20 booking fee
After Party 8pm - 10pm £16.00 +
£1.60 booking fee
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Illumin8te Presents Full Moon Ceremony / Sun Set Rave “Magic Over 2 Sacred Spaces (Saturday 25th May) @ The Lighthouse Hub

**Illumin8te: A Journey of Healing and Celebration**

Join us for an unforgettable experience under the full moon's glow at Illumin8te, a transformative event designed to empower healthy living through connection with Pacha Mama. Taking place on Saturday, May 25th, at the Lighthouse Hub, built upon ancient ley lines, this event promises to be a fusion of wellness, music, and community.

The journey begins at 1 pm in the Wellness Garden, where we invite you to embark on a sacred voyage with a cacao ceremony, setting intentions for personal and collective healing. Engage in breathwork, immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of sound healing, and experience the transformative power of live medicine music. Connect with the wisdom of the ancients through shamanic journeying, energy healing, and angel card readings as you prepare for the evening ahead.

As the day transitions into dusk, we transition into a Cacao Rave, where live DJs will guide you through a sensory journey of rhythm and movement until the sun sets. Gather in meditation to honor Father Sun, expressing gratitude for his warmth and light that nourishes all life on Earth.

As twilight descends, we invite you to ascend into the Lighthouse for an intimate Open Mic session, showcasing the diverse talents within our community. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a first-time artist, all are welcome to share their gifts and inspire others with their creativity.

At 9 pm, join us for a special announcement unveiling the mystery after-party, followed by a Unity Closing Circle around the fire pit. Come together as one tribe, celebrating empowerment and cultivating a collective vision of world peace. Led by the Illumin8te team, this closing ceremony symbolizes our commitment to fostering harmony and unity among all beings. 

Throughout the event, guests will have the opportunity to explore two distinct rooms, each offering a unique ambiance and atmosphere. Whether you seek moments of introspection and inner reflection or desire to lose yourself in the ecstatic rhythms of the dance floor, Illumin8te offers something for everyone.

Prepare to be transported on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and celebration as we come together to honor the sacred interplay of light and darkness, the moon and the sun, and the interconnectedness of all life. Join us at Illumin8te and illuminate your path towards greater wellness, harmony, and joy.

Welcome to our Healing Sanctuary, a serene oasis nestled on the side of the dance floor, where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit amidst the energy of the event. Our skilled practitioners offer the gentle touch of Reiki healing and soothing massage to melt away tension and promote inner balance. Step into our sanctuary and immerse yourself in a tranquil space designed to restore your vitality and leave you feeling refreshed. Whether you seek a moment of relaxation or a deeper connection with your inner self, our Healing Sanctuary is here to support your journey towards wellness. Book your session today and elevate your experience at the event.

Indulge in a delectable array of plant-based delicacies and nourishing treats that tantalize your taste buds and nourish your body. Our menu is crafted with care, bursting with flavors that celebrate the goodness of nature while promoting health and vitality. Dive into a world of delicious, guilt-free dining pleasure.

**Key Event Details:**

  • Cacao ceremony.
  • Mantra.
  • Breathwork.
  • Live medicine music.
  • Sound healing.
  • Garden rave.
  • Cold water therapy.
  • Fire ceremony.
  • Open mic. 
  • Night time rave inside. 

- **Date:** Saturday, May 25th

- **Time:** 1 pm onwards

- **Location:** Lighthouse Hub

- **Mission:** Empower healthy living through connection with Pacha Mama

- **Highlights:** Cacao ceremony, breathwork, sound healing, live medicine music, shamanic journeying, energy healing, angel card readings, Cacao Rave, Open Mic session, special announcement, Unity Closing Circle

- **All are welcome:** Whether you're a seasoned wellness enthusiast or new to the journey, Illumin8te invites individuals of all backgrounds and experiences to come together in celebration and unity.

Experience the magic of Illumin8te as we illuminate the night with love, light, and collective consciousness.


The Lighthouse Hub
St Vincent place, Greenside St, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2EX, UK