Glitterer + Fast Blood + Trunk

Glitterer + Fast Blood + Trunk

Event Time Thu 1st Aug at 7:00pm-Thu 1st Aug at 11:00pm
Event Location The Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne
Event Price £15 + fees
The Grove


General Admission £15.00 +
£2.50 booking fee
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Glitterer + Fast Blood + Trunk

Glitterer is a band from Washington, D.C. Initially, and for some time, it

was a solo project: a man and his laptop, with occasional in-studio and

onstage assistance from other human beings. Four records, including two

full-length albums on Anti-, were released in that one-guy period. But now

Glitterer is a band: four charter members writing and recording songs and

performing them at shows together, driving around the country, getting on

each other’s nerves. Road cases piled in the van. Soundcheck at 5 p.m.

Merch in the back. A band. You’re familiar with bands? Glitterer is one of

those. They play loud melodic post-hardcore rock music that can sometimes

seem simple but is always subtly weird and complex. Their new 12-song LP,

Rationale, will be out on Anti- on Feb. 23, 2024.

Ned Russin, the singer and bassist, the erstwhile one-guy, started

Glitterer in 2017, about a year after his previous band, Title Fight,

stopped touring. He was in New York, studying at Columbia, reading,

writing, thinking, paying exorbitant rent to live in a nice apartment in

Bushwick, and quietly panicking about the direction of his life and the

nature of existence. He would sit in his bedroom in the nice apartment and

write music using loops, synths, his bass, and his voice. He recorded 18

songs — gnomic, hooky ditties that gave oblique expression to the quiet

panic — and released them himself, on two successive EPs.


The Grove
1 St Michael's Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1QU, UK