World Headquarters

World Headquarters

Location pin icon East, United Kingdom
Current Events
Ape-X - Ross From Friends (DJ set)
Fri 24th May at 11:00pm
World HQ, Newcastle upon Tyne
Groovy Disco Tech presents Pleased As Punch w/ The Shapeshifters
Sat 1st Jun at 11:00pm
World HQ, Newcastle upon Tyne

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About World Headquarters

World Headquarters

WHQ has an attitude free, girl-friendly, multi racial, block party vibe. It’s kinda like a really good party in a comfy little secret house... We are truly independent, underground & aim to expose as much diverse music as possible. We spin all kinds of black music & also good records from all other genres too.

What we do is a people thing & is a refreshingly credible & cosmopolitan alternative to the City's out-dated, corporate leisure group, stag party type groove. At WHQ, the far out music we are into & the up for it, hands in the air, switched on crowd & communities who come, are the stars.

We want everyone who comes here to feel truly uplifted by the music we play. We’re also ridiculous value & are basically half the price of other places & twice as good....
If you’ve never been before, you should give it a try, you’ll be amazed.

We're very popular with tourists & visitors to the City, as one of our aims is to create a club in Newcastle that would work just as well in any other city in the world.

Feel free to pop along & see us & do please communicate with us if you like. For lost property enquiries, please email x