Ultimate Rave Bingo (Hereford)

Ultimate Rave Bingo (Hereford)

Location pin icon Hereford, United Kingdom
Current Events
Sold Out Ultimate Rave Bingo // Hereford // 5th July
Fri 5th Jul at 7:00pm
The Left Bank Village, Hereford
£14 - £130
Ultimate Rave Bingo // Hereford // 9th August
Fri 9th Aug at 7:30pm
The Left Bank Village, Hereford
£14 - £135
Ultimate Rave Bingo // Hereford // 11th October
Fri 11th Oct at 7:30pm
The Left Bank Village, Hereford
£14 - £125
Ultimate Rave Bingo // Hereford // 28th December // Festive Special
Sat 28th Dec at 6:00pm
The Left Bank Village, Hereford
£15 - £130
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Posted on Fri 3rd May
Do you want to know a secret?
Hereford, you guys know how to party! We are now down to the last 80 tickets for our august event! But, did you know that if the weather is nice and warm we will be holding our July and August events outdoors. This isn't something we are advertsing, we're just keeping it to our bingo regulars, like you! Don't miss out on the best Summer event in Hereford. See you there xo

About Ultimate Rave Bingo (Hereford)

Ultimate Rave Bingo (Hereford)

Stop spending your weekends scrolling on ASOS wishing you could wear that fancy outfit… BUY IT, and then come and spill Prosecco all over it at... The Ultimate Rave Bingo.

This is a night of all out mischief, mayhem & gorillas on mobility scooters. We’re here for everyone, and we mean literally anyone. Whether you’re a student or a granny, it’ll be a night of laughter, raving and dabbing.

This is an evening of unscripted naughtiness; you will never have the same night with us, twice.


🎉 Confetti Showers
🎈 Balloon Drops
🏋🏽 Hunky Geordies
👯‍♀️ From the Biggest Dance Bangers to Singalong Power Ballads!
🍟 Air Fryers & Speed Boats
🍷 Double Magnums of Wine
🏨 Naughty Nights Away
🍆 Big Massive Double Dongs!
⚠️ Contains adult themes and toys

Birthday in the same month as the event? Get in touch for your free birthday ticket! (DM the page or WhatsApp 07871622418)

Your ticket includes bingo books and pens. Once you have purchased your ticket the only thing you will need to buy is your drinks.

⚠️ This show contains adult language, themes and sex toys‼️