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The Freshers Guide

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About The Freshers Guide

The Freshers Guide is the UK's leading online student resource!

Every year, we connect over 400,000+ students going to university and provide loads of resources to help make the transition from home life to uni life as smooth as possible!

For Freshers Week, we work with some of the leading and most respected student event organisers in the UK, and compile a list of the BEST events to attend at your University for Freshers Week.

Many of these events are endorsed by Universities and the respective Student Unions / Guild's, so you can be sure they're your safest bet for the best freshers experience, attended by countless others!

Our wristband bundles offered allow you to save money in the long-run, as individually these events become very expensive. They are also highly limited and regularly sell out before freshers week. Grab yours today while stocks last!