Ronz Entertainment

Ronz Entertainment

Welcome to the world of STR8 VYBZ, where events come alive with energy, passion, and unparalleled excitement! Founded with a vision to ignite unforgettable experiences, STR8 VYBZ is not just an events company—it's a movement. With an innovative approach to event planning, we specialise in curating moments that transcend the ordinary, leaving guests captivated and craving more.

Current Events
Culture Clash - Rep Your Flag Edition
Fri 26th Jul at 10:00pm
The Hatch Club, London
Free - £10

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About Ronz Entertainment

Ronz Entertainment

STR8 VYBZ: Your ultimate party and entertainment destination! From electrifying nightclub experiences to exclusive private gatherings, we bring the vibes that keep you moving. With top-tier DJs, immersive themes, and unrivaled energy, every event is a journey you won't forget. Join the movement, feel the beat, and let STR8 VYBZ take your celebrations to the next level!