Paul Stacey (Test)

Paul Stacey (Test)

Location pin icon Manchester, United Kingdom

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Current Events
March 2025
Test event 2
Sat 22nd Mar 2025 at 8:00pm
Ezra & Gil, Manchester
May 2025
This is a test event - just checking out the facilities.
Thu 1st May 2025 at 8:00pm
Ezra & Gil, Manchester

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About Paul Stacey (Test)

Paul Stacey (Test)

šŸ  Step into our immersive venue, where the ambiance is a fusion of chic sophistication and raw energy. The dance floor beckons with its magnetic pull, drawing you into a realm where time stands still and music reigns supreme.

šŸŽ§ Our lineup of world-class DJs is poised to take you on an exhilarating sonic journey, seamlessly blending the hottest tracks with classic anthems, and infusing the atmosphere with infectious rhythms that pulse through your veins.

šŸ’ƒ Lose yourself in the rhythm as the bass thumps in perfect synchrony with your heartbeat, surrounded by a crowd of kindred spirits who share your passion for the music. Feel the euphoria wash over you as you surrender to the hypnotic melodies and let your body move in sync with the pulsating beats.

šŸŒŸ As the night unfolds, expect surprises around every corner ā€“ from mesmerizing light displays to immersive visual projections that amplify the sensory experience. This isn't just a club night; it's a full-sensory extravaganza designed to ignite your spirit and leave you craving more.

šŸ¹ Quench your thirst with our expertly crafted cocktails and premium libations, expertly mixed to fuel your dance floor adventures and keep the vibe flowing all night long. Whether you prefer a classic concoction or a daring new creation, our bartenders are ready to delight your palate with every sip.

šŸŒƒ So leave your inhibitions at the door and prepare to embark on a musical odyssey unlike any other. This is House Club Night ā€“ where the music never stops, the energy is contagious, and unforgettable memories are made.

Join us under the pulsating lights and let the rhythm guide you. Are you ready to dance until dawn?