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Starting off in our hometown of Wolverhampton - the name ‘MOWGLI’ is a ref from the character in the Jungle Book and that he was raised by wolves in the story. All of our residents are homegrown so the concept was around the quote ‘raised by wolves’.

The music you would likely hear at our events is House & Garage - with deep, soulful, vocal and minimal sub genres.

Current Events
MOWGLI - 25th May 2024 @ De Fusion (Previously Cuban Exchange)
Sat 25th May at 9:00pm
De Fusion Bar and Restaurant, Wolverhampton
£6 - £10
Three Years of MOWGLI @ Mama Roux
Sat 27th Jul at 2:00pm
Mama Roux's - Birmingham, Birmingham
£10 - £15

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About MOWGLI rave

Our brand' ethos centers around a shared passion for raving and dedication to deliver top quality electronic music experiences. We aim to unite individuals with similar music interests, fostering connections, and creating an atmosphere where everyone can come together to enjoy the music and create unforgettable memories.

Our goal every time is to provide an incredible platform for like-minded individuals to connect, dance, and have an amazing time.