Mistress Workshop

Mistress Workshop

Current Events
Mistress Workshop August 31st 2024
Sat 31st Aug at 1:00pm
The Studio, London
Queen Bee Society Drinks Sept 20th 2024
Fri 20th Sep at 7:00pm
Rotunda Bar & Lounge, London

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About Mistress Workshop

Mistress Workshop

This is a beginners workshop. It would suit someone thinking of becoming a pro-domme. Or someone in a relationship who needs to take control, the curious or a show-off! There is an erotic spanking demonstration. Plus there is a guest speaker. This workshop is presented to you by Miss Kim who has been actively involved in the scene for 34 years. The workshop covers all the basic aspects of BDSM. It’s about learning how to be creative, exciting and fun, in a safe way. It also gives you an insight on how to conduct a session. It’s designed to bring out your natural dominance, so you become the Mistress you always knew you were.

Being a Mistress requires imagination, confidence and good communications skills. No book can teach you what personal tuition, with someone knowledgeable and experienced can. Of course, not all domination is about being a pro-domme, so this lesson is tailored to the home user as much as the would-be pro-mistress. For those wishing to be a pro this workshop offers you guidance and information, including how to get started and promote yourself. You do not need to be based in London or have your own dungeon as there are many available for rental all over the UK and Internationally too.