Love Vibration Sounds

Love Vibration Sounds

Location pin icon Derby, United Kingdom

🎡 Love Vibration Sounds - Where Beats Meet Souls 🎡

Immerse yourself with Love Vibration Sounds, a collective of music architects featuring the talents of Daddy Grooves, DJ Ether, and DJ L8TUS. Our mission is simple - to bring you nothing but good vibes and elevate your spirits through the magic of music.

Follow our musical adventures and stay in the loop for upcoming events by tuning in to our Instagram page: @lovevibrationsounds. Keep your senses attuned.

Current Events
Christmas RnB Party - 17th December 2023
Sun 17th Dec at 7:00pm
Proseccobars, Derby

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About Love Vibration Sounds

Love Vibration Sounds

🎡 Welcome to Love Vibration Sounds 🎡

Where love and music unite to create unforgettable moments. 🌟

Discover the heartbeat of our soulful movement, celebrating Neo Soul, Old School Soul, RnB, Afro Beats, Reggae, Amapiano and House music. 🎢

Join us for mesmerizing events, vibrant vibes, and a journey through the sounds of love. Let's dance, groove, and unite in the rhythm of life. ❀️

Stay tuned for event updates, artist highlights, and the latest from our soulful community.

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