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Posted on Wed 1st May
The Brunch Show
As we roll out more underground artist that will be performing on May 26, it is only right to let the public know that AMARIA BB will be the headliner on our Brunch Show! A young artist that has amassed over 72 million streams and over 730k monthly listeners on Spotify. Amaria BB encapsulates what Loud and Manchester is all about and this is; quality music, unmatched energy and endless vibes! Please be aware that the Early Bird Tickets are sold out and the First Release is close to being sold! Second, third and final release tickets will not be the same price to we encourage you guys to secure your tickets ASAP! Also a friendly reminder that food will be served on the day as well by non other than 'Nam Fuzion'. An authentic Vietnamese & Jamaican Grill Fusion!
Posted on Tue 16th Apr
1st Performer (Early Bird Tickets Sold out)
PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT EARLY BIRD TICKETS SOLD OUT! We take pride in finding local undiscovered talent & showing their art to the world. Here is an example of one.. Exzer Perez a Filipino born songwriter/singer will be the first to take the stage on May 26! His first ever release came about in March 2024 names "On Me". It has garnered almost 3 thousand listens, this is a respectable feat as Exzer has never released his music professionally ever. More information about Exzer will be out in the coming weeks of promo.. But for the mean time make sure you stay on your toes for the second release of tickets because it is facts that.. ONCE THEY'RE GONE THEY ARE GONE!
Posted on Tue 2nd Apr
Manny's Loudest Bank Holiday Edition
After the success of the first event 'Manny's Loudest' that was hosted on January 27. The people and Entertainers of Manchester have been eagerly anticipating when the next show and who the next line up will be. The Loud team are extremely thankful to the 320+ people who attended our launch and the 510+ people who attended our Valentines in January and February. This is why we took our time ensuring that we put something together that will enhance the growth of the community we are building together. Well it's almost time to spill SOME information on the following event but we still have to way 8 more days! Rest assured that it is NOT ONLY the artists, and headliner to be looking forward to. The programme on May 26 will showcase a different way of partying/socialising/celebrating in the city. REMEMBER MAY 26 BANK HOLIDAY IS THE DATE. APRIL 10 WILL BE THE START OF PROMO!
Posted on Wed 17th Jan
Introducing Chie Bad
Introducing Chie Bad 🎤 British Nigerian artist based in Manchester Full Q&A below👇🏽 Describe your music in 3 words. ❤️‍🔥 My music is bold, fierce, and empowering. What makes my music different? ✊🏽 My music stands out because I challenge societal norms and empower women. I bring a fresh perspective to the rap scene, focusing on themes of self-confidence, resilience, and breaking barriers. My lyrics are honest, relatable, and filled with wordplay that showcases my unique style and delivery. Which song am I most excited to perform? 🪩 I am most excited to perform my latest single, “woi." This track gets the crowd lit and I get to show off my choreography!! Such a banger. Which female artist would be my dream collab? 👸🏾 My dream collaboration would be with the talented female rapper would be Simz. I admire her lyrical skill, confidence, and the impact she has made on the music industry. Combining our strengths and creativity would result in a powerful and unforgettable co
Posted on Sun 14th Jan
Introducing Samantha Mae
Introducing Samantha Mae 🎤 Filipino singer based in Manchester 🇵🇭 Full Q&A below👇🏽 Describe your music in 3 words. 🖤 Soft-hearted girl   What makes your music different? 🎸 I don’t fit into a categories. The best choice of words for my type of music is “stripped back RNB” I let my voice do the talking and the instruments play out. Being such a soft hearted person, naturally all my lyrics are relatable. However, there are a few songs of mine that still have sad lyrics but will want you to make you sway side to side!   Which song are you most excited to perform? ✨ To be honest I don’t really have favourite song but the song choices will take you on a journey leaving you feeling more in tune with yourself.   Which UK artist would be your dream collab? 💭 Shout out to “Leah music” amazing singer and great sound! My dream collab would probably be Stormzy, lyrical genius and he’s just on a different level!

About Loud Mcr

Loud Mcr

Loud is a brand new concept that will champion the LOUDEST talent across the country.

Our goal is to create a space for each city to showcase its current, up-and-coming talent.

Not only will the nights involve entertainment on a local level, we will also host Special Guests in EVERY Loud__Mcr event, whether that be Rappers, Singers, Hosts, Songwriters, DJ's and Creatives in the industry.

Loud brings together like-minded individuals that will enhance the experience of appreciating and pushing local Entertainers.