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Tips from the Tantric Temple

Are you enjoying Dating or do you need some inspiration and freshness to your approach?

Maybe drinking and hooking-up doesn’t appeal to you anymore, or never did?

Do you long for a date that’s meaningful, connected and enjoyable which leaves you feeling affirmed and joyful, even if it doesn’t go further than one evening?

If your dates are non existent, boring or disappointing and you want to be a part of something slow not speedy, accepting rather than competing, and somewhere where you’ll learn new tips and ideas in the company of kind, intelligent people, come and join Tantra teacher Annabel Newfield and Sexpert and Tantric Realist Alison Pilling for a light hearted fun loving Valentines evening.

In this relaxed evening we’ll cover how to enjoy dates while being authentically YOU. The evening will cover :- * Ways of connecting beyond small talk

* Small intimacies that go a long way
* Holding yourself kindly in the presence of another
* Tantric tips and exercises
* Tapping in to your deeper desire
* Ideas for great dates (and how to handle the not so great ones gently)
* Q and A’s on Intimate topics from the Sexperts

This evening is for you if you are single, wanting to date, wanting to meet others outside speed or online/app dating, wanting to learn how to hone your dating selection procedures, skills and confidence and enjoyment. This is a full fun evening of dating coaching where you’ll get to relax and be yourself and share ideas and connection. And get a chance to PRACTICE.