Official Cardiff Freshers 2022

Official Cardiff Freshers 2022

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About Official Cardiff Freshers 2022

Cardiff Freshers 2022 - Are you ready for one of the best weeks of your lives so far?!

On Saturday 25th September 2022 the official Cardiff Freshers Week begins..

Prepare for parties, fairs and freebies galore as soon as you arrive in Cardiff for those with the official wristband which gives you access to the biggest & wildest events in your freshers week!

This is the ONLY wristband which features an event every night of your freshers week in the main city centre clubs!

Your freshers week wristband gives you access all areas to 7 of the biggest events at the best venues in Cardiff city centre! With over £100 worth of events for a wristband with a starting price of just £15!

WARNING: Every year freshers week wristbands sell out before freshers move into halls! To ensure you have the best freshers experience possible it’s important you buy your ticket before they sell out.