Boozed Up Reflections

Boozed Up Reflections

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Boozed Up Events, coordinate a catalogue of fun and exciting events, that build the foundations for connection, and engagement alongside creating a safe space for the community. With events such as ‘Boozed Up Bingo’ and ‘Boozed Up Bandeoke’ already under their belt, and there is much more in the pipeline on the ‘Boozed Up’ front. Keep an eye out for new events on social media, and don’t miss out on the fun!

Current Events
Boozed Up Reflections
Thu 18th Apr at 8:00pm
The Carousel, Nottingham

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About Boozed Up Reflections

Boozed Up Reflections

‘Boozed Up Reflections’ sheds a light on the first event of its kind, an event which combines arts, crafts, music, inclusivity, and reflection, all in one place. Get crafty, have a sip, and sit and listen to a live DJ, in ‘The Carousel’ one of Nottingham’s highly tipped venues for creativity and community engagement.

So, stay in touch with your creative side, come and decorate some mirrors and reflect with us!