Battle of the Ballers

Location pin icon Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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About Battle of the Ballers

Battle of the Ballers

Battle of the Ballers is a 3v3 basketball tournament in aid of the mind charity. This format of basketball is new to the UK and is inspired from American tournaments like BIG3 and hoop it up. The game is played on half-court with two teams of 3 (allowing 1 substitute) . The aim of the game is the first team to reach 21 points will win or 10 minutes long. Scoring will be awarded by two methods, either a regular two-point baskets or by three-point shots made from outside the three-point semi-circle. If the game is tied after 10 minutes, there will be a sudden death match point and the team that wins the next point will win the match. The tournament will consist of 4 groups with the top 2 teams from each group making it through to the knockout stages. The outcome of the knockout stages will then progress to the semi final, and then the final.

The Basic Rules of tournament are as follows:

         ⁃        Coin toss or rock papers scissors to decide who starts
3pointers = 2pts.
2pointers = 1pts
         ⁃        Check ball after fouls and out of bounds
         ⁃        Bring the ball out past 3point line after a defensive rebound
         ⁃        Call own fouls
Group stage:
         ⁃        Randomly assigned matchups
         ⁃        Everyone guaranteed 3 games
         ⁃        First to 21 or whoever is winning after 10 min
         ⁃        If it's a tie after 10min. Next basket wins
3 point contest after group stages while organizers put together knockout bracket.
Knockout stages:
         ⁃        First round of elimination: top seeds play bottom seeds based on group stage record.
Single elimination
         ⁃        First to 21 or whoever is winning after 10 min
            ⁃           If it's a tie after 10min. Next basket wins

Final is not timed. Just first to 21
No referees call your own fouls

The tournament bracket for this event will be on Playpass were you will be able to view the live tournament and sign your wavier.