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About Applebum

Applebum is a celebration of Hip Hop and R&B culture on a quest to re-visit, re-live and re-imagine the sounds, fashion and lifestyle of a movement that helped shape a generation.

Applebum / London / Hip Hop House Party

Sat 9th Jul at 9:00pm-Sun 10th Jul at 3:00am
The Book Club, London

Applebum / Birmingham / Lab11 / Freshers Jump Off

Tue 20th Sep at 11:00pm-Wed 21st Sep at 4:00am
Lab11, Birmingham
£3 - £4

Applebum / Leeds / Beaverworks / Freshers Jump Off

Mon 26th Sep at 11:00pm-Tue 27th Sep at 4:00am
£3 - £4

Applebum / Nottingham / Unit 13 / Freshers Jump Off

Tue 27th Sep at 11:00pm-Wed 28th Sep at 4:00am
Unit 13, Nottingham
£3 - £4

Applebum / Sheffield / Foundry / Freshers Jump Off

Thu 29th Sep at 11:00pm-Fri 30th Sep at 4:00am
Foundry, Sheffield
£3 - £4