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Azalea Arts's phases of the moon LAUNCH

Azalea Arts's phases of the moon LAUNCH

Event Time Fri 24th Nov at 5:30pm-Sat 25th Nov at 2:00am
Event Location Vortex, London
Event Price Free - £5 + Booking fee (see below)


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Azalea Arts's phases of the moon LAUNCH

Join us for the launch event at the multi-award winning Vortex Jazz Club for an Azalea Arts production to enjoy an evening filled with art, music, poetry and dance! 

An expression in artistic motion emphasised through phases of the moon is a calendar filled with creative writing by Jade Evans to represent the native names for each months moon and season with Illustrations from renowned London based artists. 

Please donate to help cover overheads costs as its your support that keeps these events going, however I do understand times are hard for some people so please feel free to collect a courtesy ticket for those who would like to reserve a reservation free of change

630pm  Ed Mirza
Ed Mirza is an Operatic Tenor. He sings well known operatic and Italian art songs, and other diverse repertoire.

7pm - Trixie Tosh - Soft vocal tones, harmonised with elegant fingerpicking guitar playing, in the style of rock/blues/pop

7:30pm Le le Grooves  -  Poetess sinking the soul into funk and disco while grooving to jazzy blues under sun beams in the moonlight

8pm - Blousey reciting phases of the moon

8:15 HYPHA - Connection, creation, healing, it's almost mycelium. - HYPHA is a multi disciplinary artist with a flare for connecting her audiences, seeking to reach into your soul and ignite deep emotion. Her mirriad of light reactive and poetic works call on the audience to reach for not just meaning within the work, but each other. Leaving those who experience her work with a sense of interconnectivity.
Facebook @Marshallsmarkings

8:30pm - Riverman - Born in 1968 Joe Riverman started writing songs in the mid 1980s and has been a key contributor to numerous music groups ever since.
It’s been said that his vocal style lies somewhere between Bowie, Marley, Springsteen and Gabriel.
You can download or stream his latest two albums ‘The Journey’ 2020 and ‘Maladjusted’ 2023.
Music promoter Hughie Dixon from The Uxbridge Gazette and Hayes FM described Joe Riverman as both “retrospective and introspective” also stating “I’m not sure as to which era his music belongs. Perhaps a future one


9:30pm Paige Monroe An exploration through the Feminine Divine, taking place in the cosmic realms

10pm Saphira is a singer-songwriter based in London originally from South of France and Lithuania. Through electronic melancholia and dream pop beats she explores the drama of being a sentient human - half imaginary alien nymph - vulnerable to the stories of the city, the upcoming apocalypse, death & love combined. Angels by her side, she praises and dances her passion for unresolved human mysteries. The dawn has risen will you join to unravel what's hidden?

10:30pm Stuart Mckenzie 

11pm Big Jay and the band

11:30m POWERED BY DOOM   - Fully improvised Ambient music made with cello bass and synth to create a hypnotic soundscapes designed for maximum relaxation for passer-by’s strolling through city streets at night

Cover page - Aurelie Freoua - Through her work, Aurelie aims to explore and transcend such notions as the invisible, movement, ephemerality and the intangibility of emotion through vivid colours and harmonious compositions of form, line and light. Throughout her practice she values authentic representation and intensity in a process of ‘making visible’.

Wolf moon - Thomas Bowie Walker Barron -  Pagan Punk Romantic
Found by the Sea
Singing and Painting and Walking.

Snow Moon - Katya Kan 

Worm Moon - Johanne Narayn - Johanne Narayn is a UK-based Fine Artist with a Trinidadian and Irish background.

This culturally rich heritage has been the biggest influence on her artwork. She grew up on tales of Irish folklore and stories of the exotic islands in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago.

Johanne is an expressive artist who aims to use elements of nature’s shapes and colour harmonies to evoke positive, feel-good emotions. Her work is colourful and joyful.

Pink Moon - Tashi Khan - My art has a contemporary theme that embodies my thoughts, dreams, visionary palette. With the use of vibrant colours, cubic and hexagonal styles being very prominent. Boundless freedom of express is pivotal.

Flower Moon - Ed Mirza - Ed Mirza’s paintings lie somewhere between Surrealism and Cubism. They explore the figure after the scrutiny of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon, but utilise the painterly line as in Picasso. @Ed_Mirza_Singing_and_Painting

Strawberry Moon - Aurelie Freoua       Aurelie Freoua is a French artist and performer living and working in London. She originally studied Mathematics and Economics in Paris but went on to study art and completed an MA in Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts, London 2016. She also participated in the Slade Summer School.

She has recently worked on set designs and costumes for several theater plays at Theatro Technis alongside her acting performances. She created a mural painting ‘Misterioso’ (7m20 x 5m50) in Shoreditch, which was the backdrop for ‘The Dancing Wall’ performance. Aurelie is currently developing projects with musicians, poets and dancers for upcoming events.       

Buck Moon - Philip Firsov - He does portraits and commissions in oil and acrylic paintArt exhibitions internationallyI make sculptures in different mediums teach private tuition, school classes and give guided tours

Sturgeon Moon, Ben Cockett                    

Harvest Moon, Jarvis - An exploration of colour and line executed in mixed media to portray the unifying themes of our collective consciousnes  

Hunters Moon, Eva Ciote 

Beaver Moon - Shanks - Abstract expressions through chaos and colours                                   

Cold Moon - Ley Loosh - A visual artist who observes and is inspired by the cycles of nature she expresses this via mixing media in painting installation, performance and video art forms 

2025 Page - Cara Mathia Brennan - Inspired by the likes of Kandinsky, her passion for vivid colour and abstract style gives her  freedom to express powerful messages through my work. Sheloves of colour; bringing to life large, abstract canvases to transform spaces that need an extra touch of imagination                

Back page - Tashi Khan - Her art is cubic, hexagonal and abstract in style. Searching for freedom of expression Contemporary themes that embodies my thoughts, dreams, visionary palette.

Should you wish to be involved in the event, order a calendar or copy of any of the artwork then please contact me @azalea_arts_ to discuss further details 


11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ, UK