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Awakening Of The Heart  (Friday 10th February)   @ The Lighthouse Hub

Awakening Of The Heart (Friday 10th February) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Event Time Fri 10th Feb at 7:00pm-Fri 10th Feb at 11:00pm
Event Location The lighthouse Hub , Manchester
Event Price £18.00 - £22.00 + Booking fee (see below)
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Awakening Of The Heart (Friday 10th February) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Awakening Of The Heart

(Friday 10th February) 💚

@ The Lighthouse Hub

M11 2EX

Join us for a deep transformational evening of awakening your heart body and soul with Jake and Luna.

We will take you on a journey working Mother Cacao and a combination with various breath works, medicine movement, Sound & Dance.

Soma Breathing to the beats

SOMA Breath is a holistic, rhythmic breathwork system that incorporates the principles of Pranayama, along with musical sound healing, visualisation. When using these techniques, SOMA Breath aims to get your breathing to a rate of 5-6 breaths per minute. This is a key part of longevity within yogic culture: the belief that the less you need to breathe, the better your body is functioning, and the longer you’ll live.

Cacao Mother is born from love for the pure loving Spirit of Cacao. As an awareness driven sacred enterprise, we're weaving modern and ancient knowledge to serve the healing of Cacao by offering heart-centred, multidimensional experiences. Cacao carries the blueprint of the Sacred Origins 🌱

SOMA breath applies many of the ancient yogic principles but uses brain entrainment music designed to influence brainwave activity, thereby maximising the power of breathing in relation to mind and body.

Soma is breathwork to the beats of amazing cutting-edge brainwave entrainment meditations sounds.

Power Breath-work 🌱🫁🌬

Explosive Breath-work using movement working through the chakra System.

❤️ Supports Physical Health

Balances blood pressure.

Strengthens respiratory function.

Improves immune system.

Helps releasing stress hormones from the body.

Reduces tension

💚 Supports Emotional Health: Helps release Emotional Blockages ,guilt, Shame, Grief, Stress + More

💜 Supports Mental Health:

Helps new path waves in the brain. Improving Positive thoughts process

Balances left and right of the brain. Rejuvenates our vital channels of energy.

Reduces PTSD and feelings of trauma.

🤍 Supports Spiritual Connection:

Strengthens connection to the divine.


The lighthouse Hub
Manchester, UK