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Communicating effectively with your customers online: The future of sales and marketing

Communicating effectively with your customers online: The future of sales and marketing

Event Time Fri 21st Apr 2017 at 9:00am-Fri 21st Apr 2017 at 5:00pm
Event Location West Park Conferencing and Events, Dundee
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Communicating effectively with your customers online: The future of sales and marketing

Are you ready to change the way your organisation communicates forever?

I know that you have an amazing business. You are the best at what you do.

However, there's a similar product or service, at a similar quality, at a similar price, and people can buy whatever they need from anywhere in the world.

This is the magical world we live in.

So why should someone choose to buy from you? How do you stand out from everyone else? How do you change from being A choice to THE choice?

It's fair to say that things have changed dramatically in the past 5-10 years. Consumers expect to be communicated with in a specific way, but as businesses we have not changed the way we communicate.

This is a major problem if we want to continue to do business and be relevant in 2016 and beyond.

As consumers we have access to all the information to help us make an educated buying decision. We also know that we hate being sold to, in fact we avoid sales people as much as we possibly can - it's the last thing we do!

Yet as businesses all we seem to do is try to sell.

Your potential customers are using the Internet today to make the majority of their buying decision before they contact your business for the first time. You are being judged online before being judged offline.

  • Are you doing everything you can to help your potential customers make an educated buying decision?
  • Are you doing everything you can to build a relationship and trust with your potential customer so they feel confident contacting you for the first time?

If all you are doing is 'selling', then that's not going to inspire anyone.

Just think about how you buy things today and the amount of information you require to feel confident contacting a business for the first time.

We need to figure out how to communicate effectively with our potential customers so we can build up enough trust so they will choose to contact us.

Would you be interested in this workshop if...

  • ...I could give you everything you need to help communicate with your potential customers in the best way?
  • ...I could give you the knowledge and skills to be found by your potential customers when they've never heard of you before?
  • ...You could uncover the single best way to communicate and grow your business and get the best customers you've ever had?

This is a workshop that will teach you about the future of sales, marketing and business growth.

This is ideal for business owners and customer facing, operational, sales and marketing team members.

If you feel like your marketing and sales is just not hitting the mark, or you feel like you are falling behind with current trends in marketing and sales, then you absolutely need to be at this workshop.

If you feel like you need an injection of motivation, inspiration and a fast-track to the skills and knowledge to take your business to the next level, then you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Facilitated by Chris Marr - Award winning entrepreneur, speaker and content marketer

Multi award winning Entrepreneur Chris Marr believes content marketing is the only way to set business leaders free from the world of mediocre interruption marketing.

Chris is the Founder and driving force behind CMA, the UK’s largest membership organisation of it’s time.
He is raising the bar on talent curation, leadership, personal development, and community building.

His pioneering work has changed the lives of hundreds of businesses, all through the power of Content Marketing.

What other people said about CMA Workshops

Louise MacLean - Sales and Marketing Manager, Technologistics

Prior to discovering CMA and Chris, we had no exposure to Content Marketing whatsoever.

We were at a point where we acknowledged areas in our business we wanted to change and we didn’t feel like traditional marketing was the right fit, nor did we believe it would work for what we wanted to achieve.

We walked into the workshop pretty unsure of what to expect but with a strong sense that we were doing the right thing by giving it a shot.

The workshop has delivered us a pop-up-package of how to integrate content marketing into our business quickly and efficiently and it has equipped us with the tools to manage this process ourselves.

The great thing is, we know that the support is there from Chris and his team as much or as little as we like.

The value for money we experienced from the workshop heavily outweighed what we could have possibly imagined. The content was rich, efficiently delivered, offered a good amount of staff-involvement and the day was the right pace without being difficult to follow - even for beginners like us!

We plan on knitting Content Marketing into the core of our business, we want it to form part of our DNA and we would highly recommend any company considering the same journey.

Not only would we recommend the workshop to beginners like us, we believe these workshops would be great for all companies who value the way their business communicates - we are already planning our next one.

Cara Mackay - Managing Director, Gillies and Mackay

After our workshop with Chris it was ‘Mission Accomplished!’ I knew their brains would be ticking away over the weekend, thinking of ideas and really understanding what I was talking about for the past 9 months. Not least, I knew they’d be awakening their own individual Content Marketing spirit – their why?

Personally, I was revisiting old ground with new eyes, and it’s amazing all the things you miss. There’s plenty more; if I were to hear the same thing again tomorrow I’d have 100 different ideas all over again. For the business it’s the crucial camaraderie a “right let’s do this!”, which created a positive, buzzing attitude.

What quickly became apparent, shortly after, was the way in which we communicated separately with our customers. We now know that there are important aspects of our communication process with our customers that need to be more uniform, in line with each other; the Gillies and Mackay way and to do that we first need to take direction from the customer.

The facilitation and delivery was, truthfully, flawless. Chris works the room perfectly, and although I’ve seen it before, it was so exciting to be a part of the eye opening realisation coming across the other members in the room. It’s such an inspiring position to be in - watching them “get it” and get excited. I can tell you that neither John nor Grant (my directors) have taken notes…EVER!

As far as I’m concerned, Content Marketing is the only marketing – hard sell is dead and gone, shouting at your customers is no longer tolerated and if you miss this then you’ve lost it.

Unless you, that actual REAL you, and your board, experience the excitement right in front of your face, it’s nothing but theory. Put the principles into practice and see how far you can go.

No word of a lie, the Monday after the workshop I walked into work and AliBob Café, who I invited along to the workshop, were executing their very first piece of content marketing - a gorgeous trifle, wine and a free recipe pictured ready for social media!

Grant actioned a detailed set of instructions for snagging doors fit for film. And John had asked “how did you get on with your video…” THEN offered the advice - did you think of someone? a person to direct your speaking to?

I’m so proud that all three, just “got it” and so will you be.


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