Support SalFUNNI 2022

Support SalFUNNI 2022

By New Adelphi Theatre

Event Time Thu 4th Aug at 7:00pm-Sun 14th Aug at 10:00pm
Event Location SalFUNNI 2022, Edinburgh


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Support SalFUNNI 2022

Back the future faces of comedy on their journey to the Edinburgh Fringe

SalFUNNI are returning to the Fringe with a fresh array of comedic talent! This will be the 3rd cohort of aspiring comedians from the UK University with the longest running full-time comedy degree to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe.

About SalFUNNI

SalFUNNI 2022 is made up of 9 funny stand-ups, who will present an hour-long mixed bill to showcase their talents as the future faces of British comedy. From wordplay to whimsical, from dad to punk, there really is something for everyone to feast on at this comedy buffet.

We’ve got comic talent on the menu so fresh, you could brush your teeth with them – check us out here.


To find out more about Salfunni, check out their introduction page here!

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