SLIPPIN’ - LAUNCH … Nu:Tone, Zero T, Nathan Worm.

SLIPPIN’ - LAUNCH … Nu:Tone, Zero T, Nathan Worm.

Event Time Sat 9th Mar at 10:30pm-Sun 10th Mar at 4:00am
Event Location Lost Horizon Arts Centre & Bar, Bristol
Event Price £12 - £16 + Booking fee (see below)
Last Entry Time
Last entry time: 2am.
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+


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SLIPPIN’ - LAUNCH … Nu:Tone, Zero T, Nathan Worm.

D&B fan? Like liquid? Like proper rollers? Like late 90’s DnB/Jungle the floaty or deeper kind? Like Bukem & Calibre? Want a DnB night with a different twist? Wanna relive your youth or discover a whole new era?? … then welcome to SLIPPIN’ !

So we got thinking, there is a mad amount of great music that came out during the post-Jungle and pre modern era of ’97 through the noughties up until 2008 that seems largely overlooked here in the modern club or DnB scene. This is the music that soundtracked the millennial youth growing up with mix CDs, 3 pills for a tenner, dial-up, Napster and Limewire, mobile phones pre touchscreens pre social media, still buying magazines, and still smoking in the clubs. 

We are set to dip heavily into the 2000’s era with SLIPPIN’ as 2000-2007 was such a vibrant time for the deeper, groovier, funk-ier and more accessible side of the genre, with artists like Calibre, DJ Marky, DJ Flight, Alix Perez, High Contrast, and our headliners all making their initial big waves during these years!

As well as focusing on 2000’s liquid and rollers, we’re gonna broaden the remit of the night to include a period that was the pre-cursor to Liquid, a period in the genre that feels a little bit ignored at the moment. For us this was a quintessential late nineties sound: mellow, floaty, lush, rich, deep and inventive Jungle/DnB music that saw the likes of Adam F, Roni Size, Photek, Nookie and LTJ Bukem create amazing work and the emergence of Total Science, Marcus Intalex, Hospital, Fabio’s Swerve night & Fabric open up their doors!

We reckon SO MUCH of the DnB from this late nineties and mid noughties sounds as exciting, fresh and brilliant 20+ years on as it did then. It’s aged well, and it seems not many people are playing it right now, or giving it the respect it deserves! We’re dying to hear the mountians of brilliant tracks that came from this side of the genre over these years, nice n' loud on a great club system again. Were gonna bring you 'Golden era’ Liquid Funk, the Brazilian styles, the rollers, and soulful, jazzy and deeper DnB sounds for your mind & body here in 2024 to help you get away from the noise and loose yourself to the music...

So, for the debut SLIPPIN’ we have three guest DJs. We’ll be asking them to dig deep and play their favourite classics as well as lesser known gems from the era...


Nu:Tone (Hospital Records)

Dan Gresham is from a family of creatives. Starting to produce in the early 2000’s he’s gone on to be an understated legend in the DnB scene. From his initial tracks, right through to today, he makes music, and plays sets that ooze quality, soul, funk, jazz, bass and the ear of a true music professional. We’ve been loving some of his super early releases again (sure, some age better than others) but some are just timeless! His tunes have been played by everyone in DnB over the years, and as well as being a great DJ and producer he’s one half of Nu:Logic alongside Logistics. He’s also gone on to work as A&R for Hospital Records, and is also a qualified and sought-after mastering engineer! Man’s got mad skills. We’re very excited to welcome to Nu:Tone to play a 1.5 hr set.

Zero T - (Metalheadz / The North Quarter)

For those who know Cian McCann from the early days he was ‘Zero Tolerance’, and for those who know him post 2008 he’s know as Zero T! Zero T is a longgg time producer and figure in the DnB scene. We know him from his initial releases on Bassbin Records, and as a producer who creates music that is deep, groove-laden, soulful, and also at times can be tough and dancefloor ready. Zero T’s career has seen him release tracks on some of the biggest and best labels such as Dispatch, Integral, The North Quarter, C.I.A, Metalheadz etc, play all over the world, and collaborate with Alix Perez, Beta 2, Calibre and make some of his best work with Steo!

We’re also giving Zero T a 1.5 hr set asking him to dig out his favourite liquid classics and rollers…

Nathan Worm -

Nathan is a Bristol based DJ and promoter who’s been DJing for 17+ years now. A student of all manner of musics, he is founder of other Bristol parties ‘Worm Disco Club’ and ‘Bubble’ ..

An eclectic knowledgeable selector, Nathan will be playing an all-vinyl set getting the club bubbling prior to the headliners!

All 3 DJs will go b2b at the end for the last hour!



£10 - Limited Early Birds (exclusive to Headfirst) SOLD OUT

£12 First Release (pre 11pm entry)

£14 Second Release

£16 Final Release


Doors are 10.30pm.

Expect top quality sound, great lighting and other little surprises for pure vibes at the ever brilliant Lost Horizon!

This night is 18+ please bring I.D.

Any question please email:

Instagram @ slippindnb

See you on the floor for the first ever Slippin’ - March 9th!


Lost Horizon Arts Centre & Bar
1-3 Elton St, St Jude's, Bristol BS2 9EH, UK