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Illumin8te | Mind Mapping  (Sunday 14Th July) @ The Lighthouse Mcr 1PM

Illumin8te | Mind Mapping (Sunday 14Th July) @ The Lighthouse Mcr 1PM

Event Time Sun 14th Jul at 1:00pm-Sun 14th Jul at 7:00pm
Event Location The Lighthouse Hub , Manchester
Event Price £111 + fees
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 13
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Illumin8te | Mind Mapping (Sunday 14Th July) @ The Lighthouse Mcr 1PM

I L L U M I N 💡T E


(Sunday 14th July )


St Vincent Place

Greenside Street

M11 2EX

1pm - 7:30pm

🌟 We invite you to join us in a full-day course / workshop:

🔄 Explore behaviour patterns
🧘‍♀️ Become aware of and clear limited beliefs
💭 Delve into the subconscious mind
🌅 Get complete with our past
💑 Strengthening all relationships
🪶 Take full responsibility for healing karmic cords

🤝 This will be open to an intimate group of like minds in a safe support space, empowering brand new possibilities and heightened awareness going forward in life.

💥 Deep powerful transformational course.

👤 Facilitator: Jake Rees @wingsofbuddha

🧠 Mind Mapping ☸️☀️

• Open Circle
• Releasing Limited Beliefs
• Becoming Aware Of Where Are We Listening From
• Releasing Limited Filters
• Completing Relationships
• Karmic Connection Cords
• Mind Mapping

🚀 Energiser games, and icebreaker activities to bring high energy into the space. Get people moving, having fun, and ensure energy levels are up, hearts open, and everyone is ready to have a productive day.
#### Course Overview

Join us for an immersive and transformative full-day workshop designed to illuminate your mind and elevate your consciousness. This Mind Mapping course is an opportunity to delve deep into self-awareness, explore behavior patterns, and clear limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

### Workshop Highlights

- **Behavior Patterns:** Understand and explore your behavior patterns to recognize the habits and tendencies that shape your daily life.

- **Clearing Limiting Beliefs:** Identify and dismantle the beliefs that limit your potential, paving the way for a more expansive and fulfilling life.

- **Subconscious Exploration:** Dive into the depths of your subconscious mind to uncover hidden influences on your thoughts and actions.

- **Healing the Past:** Work through unresolved issues from the past, allowing you to move forward with clarity and freedom.

- **Strengthening Relationships:** Gain insights and tools to enhance and deepen your relationships with others.

- **Karmic Healing:** Take responsibility for healing karmic cords, fostering a sense of peace and balance in your life.

This intimate workshop will be conducted in a safe, supportive environment, encouraging the formation of deep connections with like-minded individuals. The group setting will empower you to explore new possibilities and achieve heightened awareness.

### Course Content

The course will be facilitated by Jake Rees, also known as @wingsofbuddha, a seasoned guide in transformational practices. The day’s agenda includes:

- **Open Circle:** Creating a space for sharing and connection.

- **Releasing Limiting Beliefs:** Techniques to identify and let go of beliefs that constrain your growth.

- **Awareness Practices:** Understanding where our perceptions come from and how they influence our reality.

- **Filter Release:** Learning to see the world without the distorting filters of past experiences.

- **Relationship Completion:** Exercises to resolve and complete unfinished emotional business.

- **Karmic Connections:** Methods to understand and heal karmic cords, fostering a deeper sense of spiritual well-being.

- **Mind Mapping:** Detailed instruction and practice on creating mind maps to organize thoughts and goals effectively.

### Activities

To ensure a high-energy and engaging environment, the workshop will include energizer games and icebreaker activities. These will help participants get moving, have fun, and maintain high energy levels throughout the day, creating an open-hearted and productive atmosphere.

### Ticket Information

- **Investment:** £111

- **Includes:** All delicious food, drinks, cacao, and snacks. Feel free to bring additional food to share with the group.

- **What to Bring:** A diary and pen for note-taking and journaling.

### Additional Details

**Facilitator:** Jake Rees (@wingsofbuddha)

**Organized by:** We Are Illumin8te

**Special Notes:**

- This event is open to everyone. Come experience the magic of personal transformation and join our tribe.

- To support the homeless, we organize group runs. For more information, join our Telegram group or message us on our social media pages.

### Join Us

Be a part of a transformative experience that will empower you to create a life filled with love, truth, and unity. Spread the vibes, connect with others, and illuminate your path to personal growth.

### Contact and Social Media

For more information and to join our community, connect with us on our social media pages or through our what’s app group. All are welcome to join and participate in our journey towards empowerment and enlightenment. 

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Come join the tribe, spread the vibes, and illuminate your life!


💰 Exchange: £111
🍽️ All Delicious Food / Drinks / Cacao / Snacks Included
🍴 Feel free to bring food to share
📔 Please bring a diary and pen.

🌌💡 We Are Illumin8te 💡🌌

🌈 T🌎gether We Create 🐝🐝🐝

☮️🌟 Come Experience The Magic 🦁🦋

🎊🧞‍♂️💯 High O🎵 Life 💚🌊✨🕊

📲 To Join Our Group Runs to support the Homeless , Message One Of Our Social Media Pages / Join The Telegram

🌟 Come Join The Tribe, Spread The Vibes 💞

#mindmapping #gatherings #subconscious #strengthening #relationships #grounding #workshop #healing #coaching #empowerment #activation #openheart #love #truth #unity #allarewelcome 💫


The Lighthouse Hub
Manchester, UK