The Official All Access London Freshers Pass 2021 | Lanyards ⚠️ NEARLY SOLD OUT ⚠️

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The Official All Access London Freshers Pass 2021 | Lanyards ⚠️ NEARLY SOLD OUT ⚠️

By Milkshake Events

Event Time Sat 11th Sep at 10:00pm-Mon 1st Nov at 12:00am
Event Location All the Best London Clubs & Venues, London
Event Price Free - £100.00 + Booking fee (see below)
Last Entry Time Last entry time: 00:00
Age Restrictions Age restrictions: 18 & Over


1. Choose your Way To Connect With Us

Sign Up Now For Free Freshers Announcements & Events Info! (Or purchase passes below) More Free

2. Choose your Seven Event Lanyard

Pre Release 7 Event Lanyard More Sold Out
£24.00 +
£2.40 fee
7 (Seven) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£25.00 +
£2.00 fee
7 (Seven) Event Lanyard Pass (3RD RELEASE) More Sold Out
£28.00 +
£2.80 fee
7 (Seven) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£30.00 +
£3.00 fee
7 (Seven) Event Lanyard Pass (FINAL RELEASE NO MORE AFTER THIS) More £50.00 +
£5.00 fee

3. Choose your 14 Event Lanyard

Pre Release 14 Event Lanyard More Sold Out
£30.00 +
£3.00 fee
14 (Fourteen) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£32.00 +
£3.20 fee
14 (Fourteen) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£43.00 +
£4.30 fee
14 (Fourteen) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£50.00 +
£5.00 fee
14 (Fourteen) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£54.00 +
£5.40 fee
14 (Fourteen) Event Lanyard Pass (FINAL RELEASE NO MORE AFTER THIS) More £80.00 +
£6.00 fee

4. Choose your 20 Event Lanyard

Pre Release 20 Event Lanyard More Off Sale
£60.00 +
£6.00 fee
20 (Twenty) Event Lanyard Pass More Sold Out
£65.00 +
£6.50 fee
20 (Twenty) Event Lanyard Pass (FINAL RELEASE!) More £90.00 +
£6.75 fee

5. Choose your NON STOP All Access Lanyard

'NON STOP' All Event Pass (Access To Every Event + VIP PERKS!) (First Release) More Sold Out
£71.00 +
£7.10 fee
Pre Release - 'NON STOP' All Event Pass (Access To Every Event + VIP PERKS!) More Sold Out
£66.00 +
£6.60 fee
'NON STOP' All Event Pass (Access To Every Event + VIP PERKS!) (FINAL RELEASE) More Sold Out
£75.00 +
£7.50 fee
'NON STOP' All Event Pass (Access To Every Event + VIP PERKS!) (FINAL 20 LANYARDS) More Sold Out
£90.00 +
£9.00 fee
'NON STOP' All Event Pass (Access To Every Event + VIP PERKS!) (FINAL 10 LANYARDS) More Sold Out
£100.00 +
£10.00 fee

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The Official All Access London Freshers Pass 2021 | Lanyards ⚠️ NEARLY SOLD OUT ⚠️

The Official All Access Freshers Pass 2021
25+ Events, 1 City, 1 Unique Lanyard


🔥 The Official One Stop Shop Lanyard Pass For All The London Freshers Events 🔥



⚠️ Bookmark, Save, Click Going, Whatever You Need TO Keep This Event ON HAND ⚠️

Brought to you by Milkshake, Ministry of Sound, a name you can trust init. 

⚠️WARNING WARNING WARNING - As There is a WHOLE Academic Year (2020) that haven't been to ANY Large Freshers Events Due To Restrictions WE EXPECT Tickets This Year TO FLY OUT QUICKER THAN EVER as there is technically DOUBLE The Amount of People Wanting To Attending FRESHERS IN 2021 ⚠️⚠️

---- -------- ---- ----- The Concept ✅----- ---- ---- ---- ----

Keeping it Simple ✔️Keeping it Cost Effective 💰Keeping it Easy Going and of course keeping YOU GUYS IN THE DRVING SEAT, Each Access Pass Allows you to attend at LEAST 7 Clubbing (1 Whole Weeks Worth!) Events across the entire Freshers period From 📅 September 11th 2021 - October 31st 2021. 

And for the ultimate ravers we are also selling both 14, 20 & "NON STOP" event pass lanyard passes which will get you into every rave we run and all the huge parties in London!

PS. Scroll Down For Any FAQ'S :) 

ANYWAY... Re-Launched 6 years ago, by Milkshake Events (Established in 2002 making it the longest running student events company in London); The Lanyard Access Pass is the BEST Way to party in London this Freshers as it keeps the cost down, gives you CHOICE And gives you a chance to take a breather, not wasting your money on events you may not even attend (Plus you get to keep a cool Freshers 2021 lanyard as both a keep-sake and a useful key's lanyard lol)

Usually we open up sales for the Access Pass in August, but this year due to a Closed Academic Year of events,access to Freshers Events has seen a HUGE EARLY DEMAND.. So, they're on sale NOW!

Each Freshers pass will be a unique Lanyard allowing you to spread out your raving and enjoy EVERY Top Club from Ministry of Sound to Fabric London to XOYO to Fire London & Lightbox London, Tiger Tiger, O2 Academy, Phonox+ Many More!

You will have the choice of which events to attend and when to attend; allowing you not to waste money, miss out on who's got what tickets and of course party like a ROCKSTAR! 

There is nothing like this on sale, for no matter when you move to London, or when you start school - This is THE BEST way to complete London's 'Freshers' in 2021 WITH ALL YOUR NEW FRIENDS! 

PS. Once The Events Sell Out This Will Be the ONLY Way To Access Them AND IT WILL SAVE YOU 💰💰💰💰💰💰

PPS.  THIS LANYARD PASS IS USUALLY SOLD OUT BY MID AUGUST ! (Quicker than any wristbands by any university promoters) SO BUY QUICK! 

PPPS. For the First time EVER.. this Pass is 100% REFUNDABLE** If you don't get into a London Based University, or you choose to not go to a London University. (See further down for info) SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES NOT TO BUY JUST INCASE! (Obvs it's refundable too if anything happens to clubs etc)

—– 🔥The Events Included - FULL 4 WEEK GUIDE 🔥—–

All Events Below Are Included in the pass, but if you just want single tickets, they will be on sale next month! (however some are online now from

Ps. As we're releasing all this info so early this year and due to popular demand, some events may change venue within central London so we can allow for bigger spaces for popular events, this is only so that your experience can be second to none! 


Week 1: FRESHERS IS HERE (The Warm Up Week) 🎉

 📌Sunday September 12th 10pm-4am
The Official Freshers Opening Party
- Live and Direct from Lightbox London. The capitals FIRST Freshers Event for all those arriving in Early September!
Single Tickets :
Facebook Event: Coming Soon

 📌Monday September 13th 5pm-1am
The Freshers Bingo Club Launch Party at Dabbers Party Bingo Club
- Something a little different, this Bottomless Party Experience is one not to miss! 
* PLEASE NOTE this is the ONLY event which has stipulations for passes, please see the info at the bottom. 
Single Tickets: 
Facebook Event:

📌 Tuesday September 14th 10pm-4am
The Freshers Welcome Rave
House / Disco / Electronic & All Things Nice
More Info & Single Tickets Coming Soon!

📌Wednesday September 15th 11pm-4am
The Freshers INITIATION 2021!
London's Wildest Ice Breaking Party For All Students!
Live from FIRE London!
Single Tickets & FB Event Coming Soon!

📌Thursday September 16th 10pm-4am
The Re-Freshers Rave
Live from Fabric London (More Info Coming Soon)
More Info & Single Tickets Coming Soon

📌Friday September 17th 9pm-3am
The Official Freshers Club Crawl Part 1
London's Biggest Crawl in The Capitals Centre! 
Tickets here:
More info on the FB event: Coming soon

📌Saturday September 18th
Rum & Wingz - 2pm-9pm
All Day Party at Cargo Shoreditch!
Hiphop / Trap / House / RnB
Single Tickets:
Facebook event: Coming Soon

📌Saturday September 18th 11pm-5am
Audiowhore at The E1 Studio's London
An All Out Rave For Lovers of House Music.
Held at the legendary London E1 (Wapping)
Lanyard Valid till 00:30am 
Single Tickets on Sale August 2021

Week 2: THE BIG WEEK 🎉

📌Sunday September 19th 10pm-6am
The Official London Freshers Moving In House Party!
- Live from Lightbox ft: ADULT Ball Pit, Inflatables, Candyfloss & More!
Single Tickets:
More Info/Facebook Event:  Coming Soon

📌 Monday September 20th 10pm-3amBack To The 00's
- London's ORIGINAL Throwback Freshers Event! -
Sold Out 6 Years running, this is NOT ONE TO MISS!
- All Night From Tiger Tiger London
More info & Single Tickets Coming Soon

📌Tuesday September 21st 10pm-6am
The Milkshake, Ministry of Sound Official Freshers Launch
- London's No.1 Student Event at Ministry of Sound
- Sold Out 18 Years Running, Longer than ANYTHING Else!
Facebook Event: Coming Soon
Single Tickets:

📌Wednesday September 22nd 
The Freshers Color Paint Party
Live & Direct from Egg London 
Single Tickets:
Facebook Event: Coming Soon

📌Thursday September 23rd 
The Epic Freshers FOAM RAVE 2021! 
- London's ONLY Foam Rave
- Live From Fire London
More Info / Facebook Event:
Single Tickets:

📌Friday September 24th 9pm-4am
The Secret Freshers Warehouse Rave
- Location Text to you on the day...
- Top Secret London Warehouse Location
All The Info & Tickets:

📌Friday September 24th 12pm-11pm
Live and Direct From PITCH
This is the ONLY Terrace Party In London For Freshers
Tickets & Info Coming Soon!


📌Saturday September 25th
Holler Back Freshers Launch
10pm-3am at OMEARA London
Hiphop RnB & Disco - Old School to New Cool!
Tickets & info:

📌Sunday September 26th 1pm-2am 
The Annual Freshers ROOF TOP PARTY!
- Sold Out EVERY YEAR Do Not Delay In Getting Tickets!
More info:
Single Tickets:

📌Sunday September 26th 10pm-6am
The Freshers All Nighter
Live from Lightbox London
Can you go all night?!
More info & Tickets:

📌Monday September 27th 10pm-4am
The UV Neon Laser Rave 2021 - Live from FABRIC LONDON!
More Info & Tickets:

📌Tuesday September 28th 10pm-5am
The Milkshake, Ministry of Sound Official Freshers Launch - PART 2!
- London's No.1 Student Event at Ministry of Sound (So big we need 2 launch parties!)
- Sold Out 18 Years Running, Longer than ANYTHING Else!
Facebook Event: Coming Soon 
Single Tickets: Coming Soon

📌Wednesday September 29th 5pm-1am
The Annual Freshers ROOF TOP PARTY... Part 2!
Yes, this year we're throwing 2 HUGE ROOFTOP PARTIES..
Why? Because the first one is basically sold out already.
 More Info Coming Soon

📌Wednesday September 29th 10pm-3am
The All Night Beyonce / Diva / Bootylicious Party!
Get Ready To Put a Ring On It As This Experience Captures Your Heart
(Plus Drinks are just £3!)
Tickets & More Info: Coming Soon 

📌Thursday September 30th 10pm-4am
Project London at Ministry of Sound
- London Freshers' Biggest Urban Talent Led event, previous headliners have included Stormzy, KTrap, Hardy Caprio, Jay1, Yxng Bane, Gecko & More!
Single Tickets Here:
Full Line Up Coming August!
More info / FB Event:

📌Friday October 1st 9pm-3am 
The Official Freshers Club Crawl Part 2
 Central London's Biggest Multi-Club Night Out!
Book single tickets here:
More info in the FB event: Coming Soon


📌Saturday October 2nd 
Take Off Freshers Festival 2021 
Live from Boxpark Croydon!
Full info & Single Tickets coming soon!

📌Monday October 4th 10pm-3am
IC a PRTY at Tiger Tiger
- Glowbots, Give Aways and so much More!
More Info:
Single Tickets:

📌Tuesday October 5th 10pm-4am
Milkshake Ministry of Sound - Launch Part 3... 
London's Biggest Student Night (EVER) here for the 3rd installment
This time with a very special guest 👀 Announced September! 
Tickets & Info Coming Soon

📌Wednesday October 6th 10pm-3am
The Freshers Disco 2021 - Live From XOYO's Basement Shoreditch
Disco, Garage, House and all things Electronic with £3 Drinks!
Single Tickets:
Facebook event:

📌Thursday October 7th 10pm-5am
The Official Freshers closing Party 2021
- 3 Rooms, Huge Games & and an all out RAVE TILL THE END!+
- Live from Fire London
More Info / FB Event:


📌Thursday October 28th 10pm-4am
Project Halloween 2021 
London's BIGGEST Midweek Halloween Rave
More Info & Tickets Coming Soon.

📌Friday October 29th 11pm-6am
 The Rampage Halloween Rave - 4 Tunnels, 20 DJ's & MC's
Ft CRAZY COUSINZ, BBC 1xtra's Rampage Sound and More TBC!
Single Tickets & More Info: Coming Soon

📌Sunday October 31st 11pm-Late
The Secret Halloween Ball at Electric Brixton
London’s Biggest Celebration of Horror in 2021
Sold Out In Advance Every Year We've Ran It and this year it's even bigger...
Info / Tickets coming soon!


📌Sunday October 31st 9pm-2am
Hip Hop Halloween
The Halloween Party Celebrating All Things HipHop
Dress Code - DEAD Rappers or Murder HipHop!
More Info Coming Soon!

And if these events don't Tickle Your Pickle this Halloween, we will be hosting 10+ MORE Halloween Events Across The Weekend! And although not included in the pass, you will be able to access tickets to these other events early with your pass, more info coming soon!

🎫Official Freshers Event Tickets will be found on: and 

—– 🔥Tickets & Collections 🔥—–

Jesssssussss Thats a LONG List of events hey!?!

There is NO Greater Freshers Nightlife Package On The Market!

Collections of Your Freshers Pass(es) and your Official London Freshers Lanyard will be availible on selected dates & Locations throughout September & October. All Buyers will receive the information and it will be announced before August 10th. 

If you would prefer yours sent out in the post, please contact for postage & packaging details. 

—– 🔌 Milkshake The History 🔌 —–

Milkshake, Born & Raised in the Ministry of Sound Club and is Officially the capitals Biggest student events company and longest running producer of student club nights since establishing in 2002. We first launched our freshers pass in 2010 and now in 2021 it’s going to be bigger than ever!

>>> Don’t waste your time & money with anyone else <<<

Along side our Flagship Tuesday Night at Ministry of Sound; over the Fresher’s Period Milkshake also brings to the capital a whole host of tailored parties to suit all palates. From our parties with MTV & Fabric London, to intimate parties in the likes of XOYO & The Notting Hill Arts Club. We throw beach parties, rooftop parties, foam parties & feature London’s Best Venues |

⚠️⚠️⚠️FRESHERS FAQ ⚠️⚠️⚠️

How Much Are Passes?
- Passes start from as little as £25 for a 7 Day Lanyard that makes tickets just £3.50 Per Event!
(To get them at this price buy them ASAP!)

I Don't Know When My Freshers Week Is (or when I move into halls) Should I Buy?
- Yes if you want to secure your tickets before they sell out. The Beauty of our ALL ACCESS PASS  / Lanyard is that you can use the Pass at ANY Time, so when you know what dates you're gonna be in London, it will be valid! Unlike other passes and Wristbands which are only valid for certain points. PLUS It's refundable* (Read T&CS as this applies to those who purchase before July 29th 2021)

How Old Do I Have To Be To Attend? 
- All Events which are on the pass are for those 18 & Over!

How Does The Whole Pass Thing Work?
- Okay so if it wasn't clear above, you purchase either a 7, 14, 20 or Unlimited pass which gives you access to whatever Freshers events you choose! You simply take the pass to the event and it will grant you entry! Simple As! The pass comes in a lanyard form so you can attach it to your keys etc, or slip it in your pocket, you don't need to wear it at all times!

How Many Parties Will I Actually Attend?
- Honestly, it's so varied, some kids go out 2-3 times during the month, whilst others are on it every single day! Which is why we offer the varied amount of event passes spread out across the ENTIRE Period! 

We have a birthday to organise / a Sports Team / Society event to organise, can we get group passes/Perks? 
- Sure, email us on 

Are The Passes Refundable? * 
- Yes, if you don't get into a London University, or Change your mind on your Choice to attend Uni in London by the end of June you can get a refund. Also if clubs can't open again or something like that they're 100% Refundable. The Refund option is only avail to those who purchase before July 29th. 

What About Covid?
- Ticket buyers can have complete peace of mind when purchasing through us in regards to Government restrictions, should venues need to re-close this September, and events can not go ahead, you will be 100% refunded. We have been operating nearly 20 years in this industry and will always do right by the customer. for any questions contact

Can I Buy a Pass Then Also Buy Regular Tickets On Top?
- Yes, of course, a lot of people buy a 7 event pass then some other tickets on top for specific things they want to go to, leaving the 7 event pass for their more random choices of parties!

Can I Bring Friends Who Are Not Students?
- Yes, of course if they're a similar age to you!

Any Other Questions? or

—– ☎️Contact / Support / T&C’s ☎️—–

For Any Questions Regarding the All Access Pass/Lanyards please contact: or Inbox our FB page on

For Press & business enquires you can contact

If it is an issue with downloading your receipt please visit

Follow us on Instagram here: //

Full Terms & Conditions regarding the All Access Pass/Lanyards can be found here:

* All events involved in this Pass are 18+ and Gov issued ID Will be required to attend (Driving Licence or Passport). Some Events may require student ID (Ask for details or just proof your a student Please contact us in advance if you have any questions). All Passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and can only be used once (per event), HOWEVER they are refundable should you end up attending a University outside of Greater London, Hertfortshire, Surrey, Kent, or Essex due to not achieving your grades. If you change your firm place by June and want a refund thats okay too. Should clubs be closed you will also be able to claim a refund.



They can only be used by the purchaser or the nominated recipient. Please ensure you fill out the correct names of who the lanyards are for, if you don't know the name of a guest your buying for please just put the name ‘Guest TBC’ and ensure you email us with the guests name before September 1st  their lanyard may not be valid. Milkshake does not accept any responsibility should you loose your pass(es)/lanyard. Once Passes Sell Out we can not release any more passes. Keep your Passes Safe & Secure. They can not be Re Sold. On event dates, passes are valid for entrance until 23:45 with the exception of the Freshers Terrace Party & Freshers Roof Party where passes are valid till 7pm and the Club Crawls where last collection is 10:30pm Sharp! ID Will be needed to collect your Pass too. Please aim to arrive early to all events! When using the Lanyard ‘Event Passes’ MUST remain attached to the lanyard, and to use your lanyard you must bring the entire thing with you. We check the name on your Lanyard front and then take one or Mark off one pass as an entrance ticket accordingly. You will also be required to show ID valid for the name on your pass. Event info/times/dates can be changed and venues can be changed, in this uncertain climate you never know what may happen, but in all our years we've never had to make any changes. Our Official Ticket Partner is Fatsoma, Access Passes / Lanyards for sale anywhere else are not legitimate (Except Eventbrite) All passes expire October 31st 2021 23:50pm

*BINGO INFO*  The Bingo event on September 13th is the only event which has some stipulations, due to the event being a Show and having a limited capacity we need you to email us ASAP if you have a pass and want to attend this so we can book in your seat for the show. The pass also entitles you to a ticket to the show not the botttomless alcohol! This can be toppped up for £8

We Reserve the right to change venues of the events taking place due to the nature of this industry we may need to upscale events for increased capacities, and so they could change (obviously to other central London clubs). However the dates on the lanyard will stay the same. We have however, never had to change venues, so this is just a note incase. Also due to changes in clubland (due to the year of closure) .

Please be careful of what you read online, there is a lot of Fake News Out There.

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