Immersive Arts Lab 7 - Manufacturing Reality - Virtual Reality Story Telling in Real Physical Space for Multiple Audiences

Immersive Arts Lab 7 - Manufacturing Reality - Virtual Reality Story Telling in Real Physical Space for Multiple Audiences

By Future Artists Manchester

Event Time Sat 8th Feb 2020 at 9:30am-Sun 9th Feb 2020 at 6:00pm
Event Location MediaCityUK, Salford
Event Price Free - £50.00 + Booking fee (see below)
Last Entry Time Last entry time: 10am
Age Restrictions Age restrictions: 18+


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Immersive Arts Lab 7 - Manufacturing Reality - Virtual Reality Story Telling in Real Physical Space for Multiple Audiences

Immersive Arts Lab 7 - Manufacturing Reality - Virtual Reality Story Telling in Real Physical Space's for Multiple Audiences - in Association with Arcus Studios LTD and The University of Salford, MediaCityUK.

Produced By Future Artists - Immersive Arts Labs 2020....

Date: Saturday 8th February 2020 and Sunday 9th February 2020 (times below)

Location: University of Salford, MediaCityUK, B4, Orange Tower, Salford Quays, Salford M50 2HE (We will be located in the EGG SPACE, which is just past reception on the ground floor, in the University of Salford building)

Start Time : Saturday 8th Feb - Registration and doors 9.30am for a prompt 10am start - Finish at 6pm with option for after Lab social at MediaCityUK

Sunday 9th Feb - Start Time 10am until 6pm - with option for post lab social after the lab at MediaCityUK

About Immersive Arts Lab 7 and who will it benefit by attending.

VR/AR Technologies have now become an accepted reality - but we are still a decade (in my opinion) away from fully understanding this complex digital artform, which at its heart is a spatial creative tool and like a Swiss army blade, has many tool sets attached.

A new tool has arrived, one that is in Beta mode, entitled rather secretly as 'Project X'..... In this lab we will go back to the basics of visual story telling, while also being at the forefront of showcasing VR in an immersive space.

This Lab will see us partner with Arcus Studios LTD and see us test out and explore their latest piece of software working title 'Project X'.

So what is this!

At the forefront of the immersive experience economy are physical spaces that use projection mapping, 360 Audio and interaction elements to tell a story to a mass audiences, taking Virtual Reality out of the headset - examples such as PY1 a touring Pyramid is the best case in point (I have included a video below) - in the UK we are seeing the re-resurgence of domes being used as immersive story telling spaces - either as inflatable pop ups at festivals and conferences or Planetariums, once used to gaze at space visualisations, are now being taken over by experimental VR Artists.

The Software we will be using solves a major problem with this experimental artform - for artists to experiment with a dome or physical space in the ways described above, an artist would need access to a physical dome, the projectors and audio equipment to be able to output the work and then adjust and experiment - with dome hire in the thousands of pounds per day + labour and space costs, this is just not going to work for an experimental medium.

But if you build a Dome or Space in Virtual Reality and experiment in a virtual space, and then when the creation is ready, take this to a physical dome or space for output testing, like a dress and tech rehearsal in theatre, then the costs are reduced and the experimentation turned up to 11.. enter 'Project X'

Also, having a dome in VR, means that, we can work with a full VR pipeline.. meaning VR artists can work in VR Art packages and transfer to 'Project X' and then edit a timeline and position within the software, this pipeline will allow for a studio like creative environment in VR with visual artists creating visuals, sound designers and composers working up the audio and other creative team members working up the physical aspects - well thats what the lab is really about, creative collaberation and experimentation.

'Project X' is not a commercially available product yet, and our lab has been invited to Beta test the software and be part of this new exciting creative toolset - this really is an industry first on many levels.

How will the lab run and what do i need to bring?

Saturday - Introduction to a new tool set for VR creators

The Lab will start at 10am, and after a short introduction and get to know you, we will break up into 3 small teams and be briefed on the software - the Lab will be facilitated by the team at Future Artists and Arcus Studios Ltd and we will begin to explore the software and the VR Pipeline - this will be via rapid prototyping using our Lab sprint methodology.

Sunday - Mini 6 hour project

Once the teams are familiar with the software and the teams, we will set a mini rapid prototype challenge and see what we can create in 6 hours - the current thinking for this challenge is to 're-imagine cave paintings, using a 21st century toolset' - so taking the essence, our perceived meaning of the stories in selected cave paintings (some of which are over 30,000 years old) and then using VR bringing them to life, re-mixing, using them as a starting point for creativity - aimed at an audience of 20 people in a space (Cave, Dome or Other?)

What do I need to bring -

If you are a creative, bring what ever you use to make art, music, programmes, from computers to VR Headsets, camera, audio equipment etc - basically the more kit we have, the more we can do - we will also have the full support from the University of Salford and Future Artists with lots of extra kit, including projectors, VR equipment and such...

The question we always get asked is - do I need to know about VR to participate, the answer is NO... what you need is an open creative mind and the willingness to go on this journey for two days and work with new people... we are a diverse creative community, and the core members met as strangers 3 years ago and are now creative peers and friends and we always look forward to meeting and welcoming new people to our Future Artists family...

This lab is also very good for AUDIO CREATORS as Immersive is 60% sound design.... we perceive our visual environments, but true immersive comes when the sound pops a lid on it, and places you as one in a new space.

Also We all hang out here and post interesting articles on immersive art every few days, you might want to join us

More info on me and the Lab can be found here....

Thanks for reading... Mark Ashmore FRSA - Immersive Producer.

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