Anti-Dating App Social (Clapham)

This event will now be taking place on the date below.

Anti-Dating App Social (Clapham)

Event Time Thu 12th Sep at 7:00pm-Thu 12th Sep at 11:00pm
Event Location The Little Orange Door, London
Event Price £20 + fees
Last Entry Time
Last entry time: 8.30pm
Bored of Dating Apps


Male ticket £20.00 +
£2.00 booking fee
Female ticket £20.00 +
£2.00 booking fee
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Anti-Dating App Social (Clapham)

It’s been eighteen months of so much love, friendship, laughs, snogs, countless numbers exchanges, keys exchanged, friends' holidays planned and incredible connections have been formed. Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a pal for life, we’re so happy with what’s been happening at BODA.

Our socials have been described as wholesome, great for single peoples' mental health and events which are so good they make you wanna stay single, so come for great vibes & lovely people.

We're hosting this social at the ultimate flat partyThe Little Orange Door. It’s for those people who love going out, but also love staying in... 

What to expect:

- 95% of our attendees come solo, so if you find yourself being the only single one in your friendship group, please don't miss out on this social because you're not bringing a pal along. Come solo! You'll be in great company

- A room where everyone is single. That's one of the only rules we have - you must be single to enter in. This is our singles club. A space free of couples, families, kids etc, a place just for us to let our hair down and be with like-minded people. Note: this particular social is for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s

- A 'Dutch Courage' shot (totally optional, so don't worry if this isn't your thing) along with a BODA mindful icebreaker

- Our community-feel events attract a room full of brilliant people who appreciate slower, healthier, kinder approach to dating over the fast & furious modern dating climate singles are up against

Essential need-to-know bits:

- As long as you're over 18, EVERYONE IS WELCOME, whatever your sexuality or gender

- We cannot control the level of ratios on the night (men to women, women to women, men to men etc), so please do bear this in mind when booking a ticket. We do however try very hard to get a great, wide mix of ages, genders and sexualities, as we want everyone to have a fantastic night

- Feel free to ask us any questions through this or follow us on Instagram to get a feel for our socials : @boredofdatingapps

Our hosts can't wait to meet you! See you there for good times.


The Little Orange Door
16A Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 7AB, UK