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RAW: Listening Night - Storytelling & Live Music

RAW: Listening Night - Storytelling & Live Music

Event Time Tue 9th Apr at 7:00pm-Tue 9th Apr at 11:45pm
Event Location Looking Glass Cocktail Club, London
Event Price £3 - £15 + Booking fee (see below)
Last Entry Time
Last entry time: 8:30 pm
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+
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RAW: Listening Night - Storytelling & Live Music

Described as “one of the best nights out in London”, RAW is not your typical night out – and is a status quo-shifting event format that is the first of its kind. Conceived by a woman with a penchant for collecting stories and speaking to strangers, RAW is produced by a female-led group of badass, good hearts and tribe of tribes called What Does Not.

It combines vibes for miles in the coolest venues, the serendipitous connecting with incredible humans from all backgrounds, thought provoking art and great music. All of this is bound together by the highs, lows and diversity of true stories by everyday people – through the lens of a theme. To top it off, the RAW has a noble vision underpinning its sass: to move the dial on the status quo of division and disconnection.

The theme for April 9th is MISFITS

Join us at Looking Glass Cocktail Club as we hear from those who are unapologetically themselves, who don’t conform to the norm, and who exist at the intersections of social groups or cultures. Far from being a source of shame or stigma, a misfit’s journey of embracing their uniqueness can highlight societal flaws, and bring about social change through their alternative lens on life – and what it means to be human. Join us as we explore stories of non-conformity and breaking the mould.


  • Vinyl DJ set 🎧
  • Live music 🥁
  • Uncensored Storytelling 🎤
  • Live Electronic Music Set by Max Burstyn 🎛
  • *All components and timings of RAW are subject to change

    We'll be announcing details on all of the above on our Instagram 😏


    In the world What Does Not is creating there is no price tag on joy, pleasure, and belonging. Our society seems to have forgotten that quality of life is a birthright. Not a privilege. So releasing free tickets to RAWs has always been a form of revolution for us - not an indication of something thrown together. In fact, no two RAWs are ever the same. They are highly curated and tailored to the host space. So you see, if we’re going to kick the status quo’s ass and tear down barriers to access, a pay-what-you-can ticketing model feels like the only way.

    We know that ticket price is a huge barrier for some, so the pay-what-you-can model offers people who can afford to buy a ticket the chance to support others who can’t. Audiences can also support What Does Not at the price level most appropriate for them. Our highest priced tickets offset our free priced tickets and ensure RAW is a vibrant and diverse event that’s accessible to those with varied socio-economic circumstances.

    We are completely independent and boot-strapped to preserve the intention and integrity of the event.


    RAW started life among inner circles & word of mouth. An “if you know you know” sorta vibe, before going public. But the origin story of this first of its kind event goes back even further, stemming from one woman's insatiable curiosity and search for relatable, human experiences.

    Today, RAWs have come off the streets and away from kitchen tables – and take place monthly in some of the coolest venues across the city. The night brings together people from all walks of life for a night of immersive experiences and curated storytelling on a theme - featuring uncensored true stories by everyday humans - paired with music, art and other creative expressions. Find out how you can become a WDN member here.


    Looking Glass Cocktail Club
    49 Hackney Rd, London E2 7NX, UK