Punk Pride Party

Punk Pride Party

Event Time Sat 3rd Aug at 7:00pm-Sat 3rd Aug at 11:00pm
Event Location The Folklore Rooms, Brighton and Hove
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+


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Punk Pride Party

The 1st Annual Punk Pride Party: Featuring Cheap Dirty Horse, Phat Problem, Gender Envy, Vegan Meat Raffle, Mums Who Smoke, followed by DJ Pyromantic Prince until 2am!

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Doors 7pm
August 3rd 2024

Phat Problem:
Brighton Noisy Street Punk Cis-tem Fucker Upperers

Phat problem is a 4 piece Brighton-based punk band who have come together performing music about their own experiences and the experiences in the world we face today.

The members of Phat Problem believe in equality and diversity and found each other to share that message to the world and hope that through song they can make the world a better place with less problems and more solutions.

When going to one of their shows, the audience is filled with their energy on stage and impacted by their powerful message.

Cheap Dirty Horse: 
Nottingham Big Rowdy Queer-Trash Folk-Punk

Cheap Dirty Horse are a big rowdy queer trash folk-punk band from Nottingham. Blending acoustic and electric guitar with banjo, accordion, bass, drums, and sometimes mandolin, they write energetic, joyful protest music. They sing about trans rights, dead billionaires, and the importance of doing the things you love. They sing about grief, washing machines, and stealing shit. Angry, but always empowering.

Gender Envy:

Gender Envy are a punky band from Nottingham fronted by queer trans and non-binary people. The quartet have a diverse catalogue of songs, conveying their own raw lived experiences with a sincere relatability. They have supported indie bands like King No-One as well as headlining supported by local metal bands. Their cathartic, high-energy performances are full of singalong moments and on-stage antics, which get a great response from the audience every time

Vegan Meat Raffle:

Brighton Post Metal Punk Ska Garage Surfers

Pub songs for an existential crisis.
Brighton Post Metal Punk Ska Garage Surfers…
Just another Sunday takeaway, just another IPA and just another oat latte

Mums Who Smoke:

Brighton Half-Man Half-Biscuit Chaotic Queer Folk-Punk

Mums Who Smoke are a trio of semi-talented near-musicians/performers who wanna take an anarchic AF approach to singing songs and having fun. Started with the intention of getting booked somewhere first and figuring out the act later, all their stuff so far has been very silly. Chaotic queer vibes. Half Man Half Biscuit meets Boosh but with a slapdash folk-punk style


The Folklore Rooms
12 North St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 3GJ, UK