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'Civet Coffee from Rare to Reckless' Documentary Screening

'Civet Coffee from Rare to Reckless' Documentary Screening

Event Time Sun 14th Apr at 7:30pm-Sun 14th Apr at 10:30pm
Event Location The Folklore Rooms, Brighton and Hove
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+


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'Civet Coffee from Rare to Reckless' Documentary Screening

In a worlds first, we investigate the conservation, animal welfare and human health impacts of the worlds most famous coffee.

This event includes:

  • An introductory talk with Jes Hooper, founder and lead researcher of The Civet Project Foundation
  • A 30 minute film screening
  • Audience Q & A

About the film:

Civet coffee (also known as 'kopi luwak,' 'weasel coffee,' and 'cat-poo-chino') is coffee that has been partially digested by civets, nocturnal cat-like animals. Since it's rise to fame in popular media in the early 2000's, the international civet coffee market has continued to grow, and its market value is now expected to reach an estimated $10.9billion USD by 2030.

In attempts to meet consumer demand, civet coffee is now made through the caging and force-feeding of wild-caught civets across southeast Asia. Caged production has lead to devastating consequences for animal welfare, conservation, and human health.

Yet still, civet coffee continues to grow in popularity across the world.

Still, civet coffee tourism is promoted widely to coffee enthusiasts and to travellers.

With our documentary, we are calling on animal NGOs, and the tourism and coffee industries to join our call- to make civet coffee history.


The Folklore Rooms
12 North St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 3GJ, UK