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If She Be The Snake by Imogen Grover

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If She Be The Snake by Imogen Grover

Event Time Cancelled
Event Location Rose Theatre, Sidcup
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If She Be The Snake by Imogen Grover

Witchcraft, wickedness and womanhood are lethal weapons in 1649 Rural England. Navigating a newly divided country under the rule of Oliver Cromwell, Mary Flowers, the local cunning woman, does all she can to help the women whose bodies are not deemed their own, but the property of men and God.

When a family arrives, bringing with them Puritan values, Mary must fight the attacks on her autonomy and beliefs, all whilst trying to avoid the prying eyes of the Preacher’s daughter.

If She Be the Snake explores the small ways we rebel against a world in which we are told our existence is born from sin.

Content Warnings:

References to:

  • The Witch Trials in England
  • Witchcraft
  • Abortion
  • Execution/hanging
  • Suicide

Depictions of:

  • Stabbing (with blood)
  • Death
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Animal abuse
  • Fire on stage

Discussions of:

  • Organised Religion


Rose Theatre
Sidcup, UK