Rebels Comedy May Show

Rebels Comedy May Show

Event Time Wed 22nd May at 7:00pm-Wed 22nd May at 11:00pm
Event Location Lot45,
Event Price $10 + fees
Rebels Comedy


Rebels Comedy @ LOT45 Ticket $10.00 +
$1.00 booking fee
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Rebels Comedy May Show

Rebels Comedy

Where Mavericks Unite, Laughter Reigns, and Normalcy Takes a Backseat. Our mission? To ignite a revolution of unapologetic humor, where rebels, misfits, and oddballs find their tribe. We're not here to fit in; we're here to stand out, challenge the status quo, and tickle your funny bone till conformity surrenders. Join us in embracing the unconventional, celebrating the weird, and spreading laughter like wildfire. Because in our world, being different is not just accepted, it's celebrated with uproarious applause.


411 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA