Surrey Freshers Week 2024 | 7 Events - 1 Wristband - 1000s of Students

Surrey Freshers Week 2024 | 7 Events - 1 Wristband - 1000s of Students

Event Time Sun 15th Sep at 10:00pm-Sat 21st Sep at 3:00am
Event Location Multiple Venues, Guildford
Event Price £6 - £30 + fees
Last Entry Time
Last entry time: Tickets & Wristbands guarantee entry until 11pm every night
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+
UniLife Surrey


Super early bird wristband (REFUNDABLE) More £10.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
1st Release VIP Wristband (REFUNDABLE) More £12.50 +
£1.25 booking fee
Early Bird wristband (Refundable) £12.50 +
£1.25 booking fee
1st Release wristband £15.00 +
£1.50 booking fee
2nd Release wristband £17.50 +
£1.75 booking fee
3rd Release wristband £20.00 +
£2.00 booking fee
4th Release wristband £22.50 +
£2.25 booking fee
Final Release wristband £25.00 +
£2.50 booking fee
Final 50 wristbands £30.00 +
£3.00 booking fee
SUNDAY | The UV Moving in Party | First 100 tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
TUESDAY | ABBA Wonderland | First 100 tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
WEDNESDAY | Freshers Space Rave | First 100 tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
WEDNESDAY | Year 6 Disco | First 100 Tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
THURSDAY | Freshers Foam Party! | First 100 Tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
FRIDAY | 90s vs 00s Freshers Rave | First 100 Tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
SATURDAY | The Freshers zoo project | First 100 Tickets only £6 £6.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
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Surrey Freshers Week 2024 | 7 Events - 1 Wristband - 1000s of Students

Surrey Freshers Week 2024

Welcome and congratulations on securing a place at Surrey. It's time to kickstart your UniLife with an unforgettable Freshers Week!

The team behind UniLife have been hosting Freshers Week in Guildford for the last 12 years. The lineup planned for 2024 is off the chart with 7 massive events.

You'll be able to collect your UniLife fabric wristband at our HUGE UV Moving in Party! We recommend securing your wristband ASAP! There are waaaaay more Freshers than any venue in Surrey can hold - The wristbands are very much LIMITED! The earlier you purchase, the cheaper the price tier.

1000s of Students | 7 Events | 1 Wristband


SUNDAY: UV Moving In Party
Biggest chance to meet Freshers!
🌈 1000s of glowsticks
🟢 F**K Loads of UV Paint
🎉 Giant Confetti Explosions
🚦Insane Lasers
💡HUGE UV Cannons

TUESDAY: Disco's Not Dead - ABBA Wonderland
✨Spectacular Disco Decor
🕺Sing-a-longs & Dance Offs
🎉 Confetti Cannons & Glitter Station
🎵The Best 70s & 80s Disco Classics + STACKS OF ABBA!

WEDNESDAY: The Freshers Space Rave
🔉 Stacks of Bass
🌈 Huge Laser Show
🛸Space Theme
👽Alien Inflatables
🪐Space Invaders Crisps
🛸F**K Loads of Flying saucer sweets

WEDNESDAY: Year 6 Disco #Y2K

🎶 All the Y2K 00's and 10's bangers from your school disco days!
🍕Free Pizza
🍿Free Popcorn
🥤Sweet Station

THURSDAY: Freshers Baywatch Foam Party
💦 Huge Laser Show over the foam
💦 Inflatable Giveaways
💦 Baywatch Fancy Dress Encourage

FRIDAY: 90s vs 00s Freshers Rave

90’s Venue Decor
🎵 The BIGGEST Throwback anthems of the 90s & 00s
🍬 Free Retro Sweet Bar and Giveaways
🌈 Free Glowsticks and UV Paint

SATURDAY: The Freshers Zoo Project
🐼 Zoo/Animal Fancy Dress Encouraged!
🐍Fully themed venue decor by 'The Zoo Project'
🐯Animal Masks & Inflatable Giveaways


- Single tickets are available from £6
All tickets can be purchased from:

Wristbands & Tickets guarantee your entry each night until 11pm. Please make sure you are in the queue for the venue by 11pm. Once a venue is full we operate a one-in-one-out policy.

Please note: The events hosted in Freshers by Unilife have no affiliation with the University. This is an independent week of events by an external promoter. This is the ultimate town wristband/lineup of events that cover events in every venue Guildford has to offer.


For your peace of mind, we are offering a refund on all tickets & Wristbands if:

  • You DO NOT get into your first choice University

You Must:

- Request a refund through Fatsoma.

- You MUST provide proof (UCAS evidence) of your university change / deferral / rejection and a valid photographic ID. - Email the above proof to with the subject '2024 Freshers Refund' along with the name that your ticket was purchased under (if it is different from the name on your ID).


This ONLY applies to tickets purchased BEFORE Thursday 15th August 2024. Fatsoma does not refund booking fees.


Multiple Venues
Guildford, UK