Beyond The Hype: Leveraging AI To Grow Your Business

Beyond The Hype: Leveraging AI To Grow Your Business

Event Time Thu 25th Jul at 6:00pm-Thu 25th Jul at 9:00pm
Event Location Future House, London
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Beyond The Hype: Leveraging AI To Grow Your Business

Let's be honest—the AI hype can be disorienting. Everyone is racing to figure what is noise and what is truly valuable that they can leverage. All that before the competitors eat your lunch.

If thats you, worry not, this events aim is to cut through the noise and present the practical state-of-the-art applications of LLM systems that are useful for more than just party tricks.

Who this event if for:

This event is for those eager to leverage LLM's but dont know where to start. If you find yourself wondering:

→ How can LLM's enhance my existing systems?

→ Is it possible to automate my entire workforce without losing the human touch?

→ Can these systems be trusted?

→ Are we all just a few clicks away from becoming obsolete?

Then join us at FutureHouse for real-world insights from leading experts who will provide concrete answers to these pressing questions + some more.

What can you expect?

1) An in-depth Presentation on the state-of-the-art AI applications.

2) Highest quality expert Panel Discussion and Q&A from a mixture of AI researchers, VC's and leading Startup Founders on:

o Current AI landscape of usefulness.

o How "multi-agents" can automate your entire workforce.

o The trajectory of the AI race and what that means for you.

3) Delicious Food + Networking with bright minds ;)

Secure your spot now and become the AI whisperer you were always meant to be!

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Future House
Unit 4 Prout Rd, London E5 9NP, UK