Pride Boxing 2024 - Fighter Sign up Page

This event will now be taking place on the date below.

Pride Boxing 2024 - Fighter Sign up Page

Event Time Tue 30th Apr at 8:00pm-Tue 30th Apr at 9:00pm
Event Location Rival Gym King's Cross, London
Event Price Free + Booking fee (see below)


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Pride Boxing 2024 - Fighter Sign up Page

Pride Boxing 2024

Pride Boxing is back! 

Time to sign up for your space in PRIDE BOXING 2024!

We are back with a fantastic LGBTQ+ White Collar boxing event. This is an official Pride in London event which culminates in a glamorous evening on the Thursday 27th June showcasing all of our LGBTQ+ fighters at the world famous venue The Clapham Grand!

Our fight camp welcomes all people across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. We want everyone to have the opportunity to train and fight in our safe, welcoming and inclusive space. We make sure that everyone who wants to take part feels welcome and can take part regardless of your gender, sexuality, fitness level or experience - come and have a go!

We pride ourselves on making sure that you can train and compete with likeminded people throughout our camp. Our matching process ensures that you will be matched with an appropriate opponent usually based on weight, experience & skill.

You’ll have the opportunity to fundraise and support Pride in London and get to join us as we march as part of the Pride in London parade on the 29th June.

Pride Boxing has been constantly delivering the UKs best LGBTQ+ White collar competitive boxing experience since 2016. Our organisation is run by industry experts and LGBTQ+ people who, between them, are professional fighters, world champions and coaches to world champions. All of the team have pulled on gloves and been in the ring themselves at some stage.

What is Fight camp?

You will join our 10 week fight camp led by Jon Durrant and his coaching team. We accept all levels of ability so no worries if you haven't done any exercise for ages or you’re a regular at the gym, our coaches have developed and deliver a camp that works for all levels of experience. We don't separate training into binary genders so don't worry about that either, you can truly be yourself in our fight camp.

You don't need to be fit to start but you do have to start to get fit!

Expect :

- Introduction to boxing,

- Basic Punches

- Basic Defence

- Footwork

- Pad drills / combinations

- Advanced defence

- Sparring sessions (including 4 mandatory sessions)

- Fight Prep

You will learn all the fundamental steps on your road to the ring.

Our Camp consists of

- 18 Core sessions at The Jon Durrant Training Studio, Victoria (we expect each fighter to attend a minimum of half of these sessions)

- 4 of the sessions are Mandatory ‘must attend’ sparring sessions.

- 1 White collar fight against an equally matched opponent.

(We have the above minimum attendance requirements to maintain our safety standards and ensure that you and your opponent are safely prepared to fight)

What equipment do I need to take part ?

Those that sign up for Pride Boxing will get a 10% discount from our Equipment Partner REVGEAR - You can take a look at their kit here -

Everyone that takes part in our fight camps will need the following;

  • Open Face headguard (expect to spend £25 and upwards)
  • Wraps (Expect to spend £7 and upwards)
  • Gum Shield (Expect to spend £5 and upwards)
  • Groin Guard and or Chest guard (optional)
  • 16oz Boxing Gloves (We recommend Revgear Gloves, you will be able to train and fight in these gloves which are the official Pride Boxing Gloves)

You can reasonably get kitted out for under £100. With Gum Shields, head guards and gloves we recommend you buy the best that you can afford.

Is there a Cost?

We want to make sure this experience is accessible to all so your entire fight camp is free!!

We ask that by signing up you agree to sell a minimum of 10 tickets to your fight (this covers the cost of the show) and Raise £50 for Pride In London through a dedicated fundraising page that you create before you start training.

When and Where is it ?

Our Fight camp takes place at

The Jon Durrant Training Studio, Queen Mother Sport Centre, Victoria. SW1V 1EL

Rival Gym King's Cross, Caledonian Road, London, UK

Training times

Training start date - Tuesday 30th April 

Monday and Wednesday 8pm - 1 Hour sessions   *NOW*  Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 1 Hour sessions 

Fight Night

The Pride Boxing 2023 Fight Night will take place on Thursday 27th June 2024 at The Clapham Grand.


Rival Gym King's Cross
251-253 Caledonian Rd, London N1 1ED, UK