A-List Student Card Official Pre Order 2021/2022

A-List Student Card Official Pre Order 2021/2022

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About A-List Student Card Official Pre Order 2021/2022

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Please note...

Do not buy an A-List Card itself online if you are a varsity student. Please see your social secretary for details about A-List Varsity Card.

What is A-List?
A-List Card is your survival card to Bournemouth. Without it, expect to pay a lot more for goods and services and expect to spend a lot longer queuing up for events. A-List covers every major student friendly service in your location, for every category of business. Whether you’re looking for a nightclub, bar, pub, restaurant, fast food outlet, gym, hairdresser or even taxi to use, A-List covers all key players. If you are a first year, just ask another year group. This is the best way of finding out whether we are worth buying.

You will find out that we are not worth missing.

A-List Card will sell out before move in weekend so please be warned.
This membership is exclusive and limited in number.


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Monday Motive

Mon 14th Jun at 10:00pm-Tue 15th Jun at 3:00am
Halo Nightclub, Bournemouth
£10 - £40

A-List Card 21/22 Official Pre Order Ticket (From June 1st 2021)

Sun 19th Sep at 10:00am-Sun 19th Sep at 5:00pm
Naked Deli International, Bournemouth
£20 - £40

The A-List Freshers Fair 2021 In Association With Cameo and Hot Radio

Sun 19th Sep at 10:00am-Sun 19th Sep at 5:00pm
Naked Deli, Bournemouth

The A-List Move In Party 2021

Sun 19th Sep at 10:00pm-Mon 20th Sep at 3:00am
Cameo, Bournemouth
Free - £9

F*CK Me It's Freshers 2021 (A-List Card Ticket)

Fri 24th Sep at 10:00pm-Sat 25th Sep at 3:00am
O2 Academy Bournemouth, Bournemouth
£4 - £8

The Block Party: Halloween Festival 2021

Sat 30th Oct at 9:00pm-Sun 31st Oct at 5:00am
The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth
£15 - £40