Be Your Own Boss

Managers, offices, and the 9-5 grind isn’t for everyone. We get that! That’s why we’ve created the most progressive reseller program on the web. Fatsoma’s Reseller program allows you to be your own boss, create your own schedule and take control of your unlimited earning potential.

How Does it Work?


Develop your client base

The more clients you have, the more commission you make. Tap into your network and reach out to businesses to grow your client base.


Introduce clients to Fatsoma

The signup process is easy. You can set your clients up on Fatsoma, or you can send your customers a Fatsoma link. The choice is yours.


Monitor your Sales

It’s simple, earn a commission every time your clients make a ticket sale. View your earnings in real time on your Reseller Dashboard.

How Much Can You Earn?

Number of Clients

Change the # to see potential earnings

Average of Ticket Fees

Based on any client that generates over £10,000 in sales per year


Your Commission Rate

(for the lifetime of each client)


You Earn

(per year)

= £26,625


Who would I target to sign up?

Any event organiser that sells advanced tickets would benefit from Fatsoma. An event organiser can be nightclubs, business organisations, sports clubs or charities. Anyone who wants to maximise their ticket sales.


Why would they use Fatsoma?

Fatsoma is the most exciting ticketing platform on the market and used by over 10,000 event organizers worldwide. Fatsoma provides viral marketing tools which help event organisers reach more people and sell more tickets.


How do I get them signed up?

There are two ways to get event organizers signed up Fatsoma:

  • Send them a referral link recommending Fatsoma.
  • Login to your Reseller Dashboard and set their company up yourself.

Both have their own merits, choose the one right for the organisers you are targeting.


When do I make commission?

Once a promoter is setup and selling tickets, you will make 20% commission on the booking fees of every sale made. For example, with a £20 ticket with £2 booking fee, you will make 40p commission per ticket sold.


How long does the commission last for?

It is a lifetime. As long as the event organiser continues to use Fatsoma, you will make a commission on every ticket sold. We do not limit the amount of commission; nor do we put a timeframe on the earnings.


How to I monitor my earnings?

You can view all sales through a Reseller Dashboard on Fatsoma. Log in at any time and see how much commission you’ve made from each of the organisers you’ve introduced.


When can I withdraw my money?

Money can be withdrawn three days after each event has taken place. Your commission can be withdrawn to a bank account of your choice through your reseller panel.