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About socialiteconnections

Michelle has been hosting events for friends in London and around the world in exclusive venues not all open to the general public.

During the events Michelle has hosted, her friends would bring people to the events who in turn would ask her to help them with there own business out of the word of mouth.

Michelle she enjoyed bringing people together through her social and business networking events and people have told her on numerous occassions that she made them feel at ease at her events almost to the point where they felt like an extended part of her family.

We organizes both weekly & monthly social and professional business networking events. You will get the opportunity to mix and mingle with like minded individuals and professionals. We work very closly with other brands including London Network After Work, Awesome Women Club for female entrepreurs.

We also work with the the brand for Professional Networking which brings people together, so lets meetup connect. communicate. collaborate. Build social networks and grow. It's all about building social relationships that makes it possible for people to stay in touch with each other.

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