Milk Reading

Milk Reading

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Admiral Rodney with Dave Marsland

Wed 5th Apr at 8:00pm-Wed 5th Apr at 9:00pm
Milk Bar Reading, Reading

Let's Talk About Rum Q&A with Peter Holland

Tue 9th May at 6:30pm-Tue 9th May at 10:30pm
Milk Bar Reading, Reading

Rum Expo Warm Up with Martinique 10.05.23

Wed 10th May at 6:30pm-Wed 10th May at 9:00pm
Milk Bar Reading, Reading

Black Tot Batch Off with JP & Mitch Wilson, Rum Expo Warm Up

Thu 11th May at 6:00pm-Thu 11th May at 11:30pm
Milk Bar Reading, Reading

Rum & Cheese with Gergo Murath

Fri 12th May at 7:00pm-Fri 12th May at 9:00pm
The Grumpy Goat, Reading

Rum Expo warm up with Skylark spirits at The Fox and Hounds 13.03.2023

Sat 13th May at 4:00pm-Sat 13th May at 6:00pm
Fox and Hounds, Reading

Milk Rum Expo 14.05.23 RRW

Sun 14th May at 2:30pm-Sun 14th May at 9:30pm
Milk Bar Reading, Reading