Magic of India Holi Colour Party - Mar 17, 2024

Magic of India Holi Colour Party - Mar 17, 2024

Event Time Sun 17th Mar at 11:00am-Sun 17th Mar at 4:00pm
Event Location Swiss Cottage open space, London
Event Price £18 - £96 + Booking fee (see below)


Regular Tickets - Group of 4 More Off Sale
£96.00 +
£9.60 fee
Regular Tickets - 1Adult or 9yrs+ More Off Sale
£27.00 +
£2.70 fee
Regular Ticket-1Child Below 8y More Off Sale
£18.00 +
£1.80 fee
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Magic of India Holi Colour Party - Mar 17, 2024

Enjoy fabulous performances, DJ, colour play, and dancing to Bollywood & western music. Come with family and friends. Indulge in delicious Indian food and Western food available to buy.

If you can sponsor - We are looking for free giveaways and sponsors for the event and bags.


KINDLY NOTE: NO REFUND. Our event happens in Central London and comes with many expenses. Since the ticket prices are low in the interest of the community; it just about covers expenses, and your contribution is spent on the organising. Hence please consider before buying that there will be no refund.

By buying a ticket you are agreeing to the event's Terms and Conditions and house rules as below:

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Magic of India cannot take responsibility for children at the event.
  • Food is not included with your ticket purchase, please ask the stalls for any of your allergy concerns, we as organisers are not responsible.
  • Tickets are not refundable under any circumstance: Not refundable if there is bad weather, or if the event needs to be postponed for any unforeseen reason by us. No refund if anyone whom you have bought a ticket for, is unable to attend the event, for any reason. Also please note that no credit can be offered.
  • The first packet of coloured powder is free; more can be bought at the event. Outside colour is NOT allowed for safety reasons. The colour provided by us is UK Authority Health and Safety Food Grade certified. It is organic food grade, safe, and washes off easily.
  • No dogs are allowed within the event barrier area.
  • For your safety, there is high security and checks at the event, so please cooperate to be checked by the security officials.
  • Wear masks at your discretion or as per relevant rules.
  • Alcohol is not allowed at this daytime event.
  • Parking is free on the streets on Sunday, and available at the Pay&Park nearby.
  • Clothes: Please layer up in clothes you are happy to spoil. The Colour does mostly wash off. Only Dry Colour Powder Play. The powder is just food-grade coloured cornflour.
  • No cloakroom is available at the event to keep coats or precious belongings. Please avoid bringing bags. Organisers are not responsible for lost items.
  • Use restroom facilities available Leisure Centre and The Winch (there is signage guiding you )
  • First Aid and Lost & Found Desk: Please bring an injured or lost child, here. Do not waste time looking for the parent/s. It is not safe or advisable to do so. We have a process to help them.
  • Please avoid prams as much as possible, they create a trip hazard for other children. But if you bring them, please be aware prams are not permitted in the dancing colour play area.
  • Photography takes place at the event, so please note, that we cannot avoid it, and children also get photographed. By buying tickets, you agree to permit Magic of India to take photographs of you and your children at the event, and for the rights to use all the pictures on any media.


Swiss Cottage open space
Unnamed Road, London NW3 3NR, UK