Event Time Fri 27th Sep at 10:00pm-Sat 28th Sep at 4:00am
Event Location Secret Space Digbeth, Birmingham
Event Price Free - £27 + fees
Last Entry Time
Last entry time: 1:30PM
Age Restrictions
Age restrictions: 18+


Free Ladies On Sale -
Mon 5th Aug at 12:44pm

Early Bird On Sale -
Mon 5th Aug at 12:45pm

£10.00 +
£1.00 booking fee
First Release On Sale -
Mon 5th Aug at 12:47pm

£15.00 +
£1.50 booking fee
Ladies Group More On Sale -
Mon 5th Aug at 12:47pm

£27.00 +
£2.70 booking fee
Standard On Sale -
Mon 5th Aug at 12:49pm

£20.00 +
£2.00 booking fee
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Welcome to the rhythmic heartbeat of Amalogy, an immersive Amapiano experience that transcends boundaries and takes you on a pulsating journey through the best sounds this genre has to offer. Prepare to be swept away by the fusion of infectious beats, soulful melodies, and the electrifying energy that defines Amapiano. 

Amalogy is not just a music event; it's a celebration of the harmonic fusion that Amapiano brings to the global music scene. The event space will be transformed into a vibrant tapestry of colors, reflecting the diverse influences that make Amapiano a unique genre. From the neon-lit dance floor to the atmospheric chill-out zones, every corner of Amalogy will resonate with the spirit of Amapiano.

Masters of Groove ( DJ Line up)

Amalogy proudly showcases the crème de la crème of Amapiano DJs and artists, each handpicked to deliver an unforgettable musical odyssey. The lineup will feature renowned names and emerging talents, ensuring a dynamic blend of styles that will keep the dance floor alive from dusk till dawn. Brace yourself for sets that seamlessly blend piano melodies, Afro-house rhythms, and infectious beats that will move your soul.


Secret Space Digbeth
30-34 River St, Deritend, Birmingham B5 5SA, UK