Wings of Buddha & Ola Tree of Life Presents : The Journey - Sacred Vibration of the Universe (Saturday 13th July) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Wings of Buddha & Ola Tree of Life Presents : The Journey - Sacred Vibration of the Universe (Saturday 13th July) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Event Time Sat 13th Jul at 11:00am-Sat 13th Jul at 5:00pm
Event Location The Lighthouse Hub, Manchester
Event Price £66 - £77 + fees
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RETREAT (Early Birds) £66.00 +
£6.60 booking fee
RETREAT (General) £77.00 +
£7.70 booking fee
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Wings of Buddha & Ola Tree of Life Presents : The Journey - Sacred Vibration of the Universe (Saturday 13th July) @ The Lighthouse Hub

Sacred Vibration of the Universe 🎼

**Date:** Saturday, 13th July

**Time:** 11 AM - 5 PM

**Tickets:** £66 (Early Bird) till 11st June / £77 (General)

@ The Lighthouse Hub 

### Introduction to the Theme

Join us for a transformative day retreat where we delve into the "Sacred Dance of the Universe." This event is designed to help you connect with the rhythmic flow of life and the cosmos through movement, meditation, and holistic practices. Our journey will weave together the ancient wisdom of ceremonial cacao, somatic grounding techniques, and therapeutic exercises, inviting you to dance harmoniously with the universe.

### Ceremonial Cacao

We will begin our journey with a heart-opening ceremonial cacao session. Cacao, often referred to as "Food of the Gods," is revered for its ability to enhance meditation and spiritual connection. This sacred plant medicine will guide you into a meditative state, opening your heart and grounding your energy, setting the stage for a deeply immersive experience.

### Grounding and Somatic Practices

Our retreat emphasizes the importance of somatic (body-based) approaches to healing. You will be empowered with simple yet profound somatic and grounding tools that you can incorporate into your daily life. These practices help you fully arrive in the present moment, facilitating a deeper connection with your body and inner self. By understanding and integrating somatic techniques, you will learn to harness your body's wisdom and support your healing journey.

### Playful Journey from Birth to Adulthood

Embark on a unique and playful journey through the stages of your life—birth, childhood, teenage years, and adulthood. This session will utilize body, mind, emotions, and voice to explore and balance your inner dance. Through creative expression and guided exercises, we will process and release emotions, fostering a safe space for self-regulation and emotional balance. This journey aims to help you reconnect with your inner child and rediscover joy and freedom within.

### Restorative TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

Experience a taster session of TRE®️ (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), a revolutionary method that activates your body's natural healing mechanisms. TRE consists of a series of seven exercises designed to release deep-seated stress, tension, and trauma by initiating a shaking or vibrating response. This powerful practice quickly downregulates your nervous system, promoting relaxation and restoring balance to your body and mind.

### Sound Healing

Our retreat also includes a profound sound healing session using a variety of instruments such as alchemy crystal bowls, gongs, rattles, shamanic drums, and rain sticks. These instruments create a rich tapestry of sounds that facilitate deep relaxation and healing. The vibrations and frequencies produced during the sound bath help to clear energetic blockages, balance the chakras, and harmonize your body and mind. The combination of these sound healing tools will transport you to a state of inner peace and profound well-being plus an opportunity to embrace cold water therapy. 

Can we find a way through body to support:

🌳the nervous system

🌳release and process emotions, sometimes those strong ones too

🌳 let go perfection, even few minutes in spontaneous dance, without choreography

🌳find some inner joy in joy and sorrows of life

🌳process things that we

🌳cannot express in words or may not even remember where it comes from

🌳find own voice and freedom from within

🌳go onwards and not always let the mind to rule our lives

🌳experience some flow

and so much more. 

The retreat will conclude with a soothing sound bath and a personalized guided meditation, we look forward to welcome you all ❤️


The Lighthouse Hub
St Vincent place, Greenside St, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2EX, UK