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Modern Age Southampton w/ Galaxy Thief + special guests

Fri 13th Aug at 7:30pm-Fri 13th Aug at 11:00pm
The Joiners, Southampton

Just Jack (Acoustic) at Dead Wax, Birmingham

Fri 26th Nov at 7:30pm-Fri 26th Nov at 11:00pm
Dead Wax Digbeth, Birmingham


Fri 25th Jun at 7:30pm-Fri 25th Jun at 11:00pm
Manchester Academy, Manchester

Anhedonia / Fighting Rhythm / Suck It & Spin with Secret Opener

Fri 25th Jun at 8:00pm-Sat 26th Jun at 3:00am
Sunbird Records, Darwen

Eddie Vee & Lee Kamen & Bobby Diamond Charity Night

Fri 25th Jun at 7:00pm-Fri 25th Jun at 11:45pm
The William Gemmells, Kingston upon Hull
Free - £10

Old Red Eyes - An Acoustic Tribute To Paul Heaton / The Beautiful South / The Housemartins - Live In Manchester

Fri 25th Jun at 6:00pm-Sat 26th Jun at 10:00pm
Lions Den Manchester, Mews

Larkins | Manchester Academy 2

Thu 19th Aug at 7:00pm-Thu 19th Aug at 10:00pm
Manchester Academy, Manchester

Room D at The Bread Shed, Manchester

Sat 23rd Oct at 7:00pm-Sat 23rd Oct at 10:00pm
The Bread Shed, Manchester

SOLD OUT: The Reytons | Liverpool, Jimmy's

Wed 27th Oct at 6:30pm-Wed 27th Oct at 9:00pm
Jimmy's Liverpool, Liverpool

Glass Caves | Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

Wed 27th Oct at 7:30pm-Wed 27th Oct at 10:30pm
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Pete & Bas - Fri October 1st 2021

Fri 1st Oct at 7:00pm-Fri 1st Oct at 10:00pm
Moles, Bath


Wed 22nd Sep at 5:00pm-Wed 22nd Sep at 11:00pm
Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

Bauer Live At Night People, Manchester

Sat 4th Sep at 7:30pm-Sun 5th Sep at 11:00pm
Night People, Manchester
£7 - £8.50

Bayboards | Manchester, Deaf Institute

Sat 11th Sep at 7:00pm-Sat 11th Sep at 10:15pm
The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Luna Blue | Brighton, Komedia

Sat 11th Sep at 7:00pm-Sat 11th Sep at 10:00pm
Komedia Brighton, Brighton

Freeda | Manchester, Academy 3

Sat 11th Sep at 7:30pm-Sun 12th Sep at 10:30pm
Manchester Academy, Manchester

The Reytons | Southampton, Joiners

Thu 21st Oct at 7:30pm-Thu 21st Oct at 10:30pm
The Joiners, Southampton

Botown : The Soul Of Bollywood : Wolverhampton

Sat 11th Dec at 7:00pm-Sat 11th Dec at 10:00pm
The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
£12.50 - £15

The Reytons | Brighton, Green Door Store

Wed 20th Oct at 7:30pm-Wed 20th Oct at 10:30pm
Green Door Store, Brighton

Sucker Presents: The London Indie Show

Sat 26th Jun at 6:30pm-Sat 26th Jun at 10:00pm
The Grace, London

The Vibes

Sat 10th Jul at 7:00pm-Sun 11th Jul at 2:00am
Stoke Bar & Grill, Plymouth

The Great Falkirk Takeover - Glasgow

Sat 10th Jul at 7:00pm-Sat 10th Jul at 10:00pm
The Garage, Glasgow

Wrest at The Grace, London

Thu 22nd Jul at 7:00pm-Thu 22nd Jul at 10:00pm
The Grace, London

Bears In Trees at Think Tank Underground, Newcastle

Thu 22nd Jul at 7:00pm-Thu 22nd Jul at 10:00pm
Think Tank?, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Royston Club - York

Wed 25th Aug at 7:30pm-Wed 25th Aug at 10:30pm
The Victoria Vaults, York

The Reytons | Bristol, Exchange

Tue 19th Oct at 7:30pm-Tue 19th Oct at 10:30pm
Exchange, Bristol

Barenaked Ladies

Fri 29th Oct at 7:00pm-Fri 29th Oct at 11:00pm
Leeds Beckett Students' Union, Leeds

Leading Muse Tribute Musek + Prymå

Sat 21st Aug at 7:00pm-Sat 21st Aug at 11:00pm
The Penny Theatre, Canterbury

Aladdinsane - The Sound & Vision Of Bowie - Live In Manchester (Full Band Tribute)

Sat 6th Nov at 7:30pm-Sun 7th Nov at 11:00pm
Lions Den Manchester, Mews
£12.50 - £16

waverley. at Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh

Sat 2nd Oct at 7:00pm-Sat 2nd Oct at 10:00pm
Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh

Reclaim Vienna | Manchester, Deaf Institute

Sat 7th Aug at 7:00pm-Sat 7th Aug at 10:00pm
The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Wrest at Tynemouth Surf Café, Newcastle

Sat 7th Aug at 7:00pm-Sat 7th Aug at 10:00pm
Surf Café, Tynemouth

The Reytons | Norwich, Waterfront Studio

Fri 15th Oct at 7:30pm-Fri 15th Oct at 10:30pm
The Waterfront, Norwich

Edinburgh Indie Show: Wraucces + Joshua Grant + Static + Jupiter Strange

Fri 5th Nov at 6:30pm-Fri 5th Nov at 10:00pm
La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

Coyote 2 Coyote

Sun 5th Dec at 12:00pm-Sun 5th Dec at 5:00pm
Coyote Ugly Saloon, Cardiff
£8 - £10

Jeramiah Ferrari | Manchester, The Bread Shed

Fri 17th Sep at 7:30pm-Fri 17th Sep at 11:00pm
The Bread Shed, Manchester

Independence Day

Sun 4th Jul at 12:00pm-Sun 4th Jul at 5:00pm
Coyote Ugly Saloon, Cardiff

Oceans On Mars | Manchester, Deaf Institute

Sat 31st Jul at 7:00pm-Sat 31st Jul at 10:00pm
The Deaf Institute, Manchester

The Fleetwood Mac Songbook Live In Manchester

Sat 31st Jul at 7:30pm-Sat 31st Jul at 11:00pm
Night People, Manchester
£11 - £15

Incredible Society's July Comeback - Mermaid Chunky, Ed Dowie, Nuha Ruby Ra & more

Thu 1st Jul at 7:30pm-Sat 24th Jul at 12:00am
Folklore, London
£7 - £24

The Birthday Massacre UK Tour 2022 - LONDON - New Date

Sat 12th Nov 2022 at 6:00pm-Sat 12th Nov 2022 at 10:00pm
The Garage, London


Wed 21st Jul at 7:00pm-Thu 22nd Jul at 11:00pm
Moles, Bath
£5 - £8


Sat 13th Nov at 7:00pm-Sat 13th Nov at 10:00pm
The Liquid Room, Edinburgh

Stoned A Night Celebrating The Rolling Stones

Fri 3rd Jun 2022 at 7:00pm-Fri 3rd Jun 2022 at 11:00pm
The Penny Theatre, Canterbury

Somebody's Child | Sheffield, Record Junkee

Fri 19th Nov at 7:30pm-Fri 19th Nov at 10:30pm
Record Junkee, Sheffield

The Reytons | London, Powerhaus

Thu 14th Oct at 7:30pm-Thu 14th Oct at 10:00pm
Powerhaus, London

Depeche Mode Disco - The Devout Afterparty - Manchester

Sat 3rd Jul at 11:00pm-Sun 4th Jul at 3:00am
Lions Den Manchester, Manchester
£5 - £6.50

Harriet Rose live at Record Junkee, Sheffield

Sat 17th Jul at 7:30pm-Sat 17th Jul at 11:00pm
Record Junkee, Sheffield
£20 - £40

The Reytons | Stoke, Sugarmill

Wed 29th Sep at 7:30pm-Wed 29th Sep at 10:30pm
The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
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