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About Carwash London

Award-Winning Party Organisers Since 1989

CARWASH was founded in 1989 where the aim was to provide a club space where people from all walks of life could mix in a fun, friendly atmosphere fuelled by the very best party music. For the past twenty-nine years we have been hosting parties across the United Kingdom, in Paris, Ibiza, St. Tropez, Dubai, Miami, Vienna, Geneva, Lausanne, Marseille, Brussels and numerous holiday destinations within France, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt and Turkey. We tour as far afield as Russia, Columbia, Singapore and Australia. We are probably most famous for our '29-year residency in London’ which has taken place every Saturday night and an extremely popular 11-year weekly residency in Paris.

Having hosted over 6000 parties worldwide and attracted 3 million customers, we have won multiple awards with ‘Best Club Night’ at British Entertainment and Dance Industry Awards (BEDA) in 1998 alongside being winner of the Disco International award for ‘Best Club’. Time Out magazine describes Carwash as the ‘Ace of Clubs.’ Clubbing bible Mixmag calls Carwash ‘London’s Legendary Disco’.

Carwash was the first to provide a dress code policy; a practice which saw us famously cutting London’s Leicester Square into two with queues extending across the square and around the block. At one point, there were up to 25 copycat clubs in the UK trying to emulate the Carwash formula. But it is Carwash and Carwash alone which has prevailed and stood the test of time. Three successful decades in London’s club land is a remarkable achievement, a testament to the ideas of the promoters and the energy of the Carwash crew.

Hosting world-famous parties since 1989

Carwash took off in 1989 and provides a fun party atmosphere creating an involving experience with wall to wall dressed up clubbers, stunning decor and tip top pop music. This was found to be what our clubbers wanted and from this we have evolved to provide tables, drinks, food and service to make a visit to Carwash an experience to remember.

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